Coaching for Coaches

Many coaches have asked to learn my Real Conversations method of coaching. That is, how to discover their clients needs and help them to meet them. Because we haven’t found a more effective and quick way to solve problems!

So a certification course in Real Conversations for coaches is coming soon, along with a very good book to help them help their clients in ANY situation.

  "I attribute my success and courage to my coach, Bess McCarty. She helps me overcome my obstacles and limitations in my relationships, health, and business with her Real Conversations process. We look at my problems, feelings, and needs, and then how to meet those needs in a healthy way so I've been able to thrive! Thank you Bess for all your love and support to not only fulfill my mission but also live a more joyful and beautiful life, and for teaching me how to be a better coach. If you're looking for a master coach, Bess has my highest recommendation!!"

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“When I get stuck working with a client, I call Bess. She gives me a framework for coaching and fills in the gaps of what I am learning. Her Real Conversations process is the best I’ve ever seen! It WORKS! Fast and completely. Now I understand how to work with feelings and needs proficiently. My own, and my clients! Bess helps me in ways no one else has: with a spiritual perspective, but also practical ways to use it.” - Leron Barnes -

I have been coaching coaches for 20 years. A number of them are private coaching with me right now to learn how to coach their clients in this simple, direct method of Real Conversations, how to market their business, and how to move smoothly through their own personal blocks.

If you are a coach, who would like to get on the waiting list for this Real Conversations certification course, or would like to begin working with me privately right now, please call me at 512-569-1139.

“I love my coach, Bess! She is multi-talented and has supported me in both my life and business—from taking care of an elderly parent to building and marketing my coaching practice, to helping me hone my coaching skills. She can do it all!” - Kimberly Young