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Watch the video below to see how you can get free of fear once and for all, and live the life you are meant to!

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The Mindset Clearing is half-price for a limited time.
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Are you curious why some people shoot ahead in network marketing?
Would you like to be one of them? 

Or would you like to get free of fear once and for all, in other areas of your life such as love, health, or wealth, so you can live the life you are meant to?

This may be your step.


"Is it scary to do a Mindset Clearing? No, because that's where the block was. It had been holding me back for 50 years. THAT is what was scary! "
~ James O'Connell, Haverhill, MA


Leaps 2 Ranks after Mindset Clearing & Challenge
"I was stuck at my rank for 2 years. We all have scars we have not dealt with. Bess flushes all that out of you. Through that Clearing, and Bess’s amazing ability and support, I was able to do my 60 Day Challenge with massive success! I personally recommend Bess McCarty. You deserve it!" ~ Jacob Rakowski, Houston, Texas


“Bess! After the Mindset Clearing with you, what once held me no longer does. I’ve got appointments booked day and night toward my launch event! Doing what needs to be done is no longer a chore. The block of worrying about the result is gone. I don’t worry about it anymore.” - Jaymin McDonald, former Pro Athlete


Jumps 2 Ranks after Mindset Clearing & Challenge
“In the first two months on Bess’s program, my income increased 20%, and I’m recruiting more people globally.” ~ Elsebeth Nybroe-Nielsen, Denmark


"My business income has quadrupled!! I attribute this 100% to our work. “

                  -James Moore, Austin, TX

Bess’s coaching very effectively helped resolve recurring personal life issues so I became free to focus on my business. Better then any psychologist I could imagine. Then we set goals and strategies that marketed my business, increased accountability, and tracked results. It worked tremendously!  Good thing she’s good at being both a business and life coach, since they tie in together.” ~ James Moore, Austin, Texas


                                                           WHAT YOU GET:

2 Hour Private Phone Mindset Clearing with Bess

Find where and how the negative programs were created, and change them to positive programs. Recorded just for your private, continued study.

10-12 Support Exercises Created Just for You 

12 months of powerful activities to deepen the breakthrough you experienced in the Mindset Clearing, and integrate them in your body, life, and business.

10 Hours of Powerful Videos of John Bradshaw Homecoming Series, 5 Stages Infant-Adolescent 

Designed to prepare you for your Mindset Clearing with stories & examples to open your mind and heart as you watch. You may learn about programs you thought were "normal". Your choice of DVDs or CDs mailed to you.


1 Year Followup Check-In Calls

To prepare you for your Mindset Clearing, and support you afterward.

The Book Claimed Most Powerful for Success

A time-tested book to optimize your success mindset and creative thinking of your new programming.

“Bess does powerfully effective work! If you truly desire to get to the root of the unseen drivers of the patterns running (or maybe wrecking) your life, this is the most direct method I’ve come across. She goes directly and immediately to the core of what is holding us back from our true purpose and full potential. Jump in, strap in, mash the accelerator, and don’t look back. You won’t regret it!” – John Sweat, Hays, Kansas

                                                                Questions? Call Bess (512) 569-1139.

                              What will this do for you?

"I seem to have a golden touch.

Since  the Mindset Clearing and working with Bess, everything is clicking. It changed my life and how I do business. My team expanded 70%, and the number of active ones more than doubled.  I’m still consistently prospecting with no excuses stopping me. My upline and team are inspired by me.  I’m asked to speak.  I’m now the leader I dreamed of being!” James O’Connell, Haverhill, MA


“Bess helps me move forward big time in my real estate career with eXp Realty, past roadblocks I couldn’t have navigated myself! I was at a standstill, complacent and not organized. Bess helped me with Body/Mind Coaching and business coaching to BUILD FASTEST! Major inspiration, encouragement, clarity, best strategies, and mastering skills from Bess in a way that was just my language!” – Deborah SuZan


Monthly sales to 458%

“Bess really helped me improve my communication, time management, and most importantly some internal blocks I faced. With her assistance, I took my monthly sales performance from 15% of expectation to 458%. I’m currently over 150% YTD in my sales goals, and have reached 4 of my 5 most significant written goals for this year, as well as leading for the President’s Club Award for outstanding salesperson. Bess is worth her weight in gold!” ~ Rob Nussbaum, Austin, TX


 “I was looking, I was searching for a coach that understands Network Marketing and has extensive experience in Psychology until I found the best coach in the world. Thank you so much Bess for helping me see my real potential and bring out the best in me. You empowered and helped me unleash my mental blocks and I am now unstoppable!!! “ ~ Yolly from Old Australia


             If you sign up today, you also receive the following $538 of bonuses for FREE so you can deepen your Mindset  Clearing experience even more.

Bess's Self-Coach Process: Real Conversations $297 Value

Audio, chart, and lessons teach you to break through persistent problems by finidng and meeting the need under them. "... broke through my toughest roadblock ..." 

Heart-Selling Video: How to Always Get a YES $197 Value

You do not get a NO with this method of properly hearing people and asking the right questions. A process developed by Bess and shared with you. Plus a quck start section.

How to Overcome the Fear of Speaking $29 Value

The quickest way to reach more customers, prospects, and distributors is speaking. Public speaking positions you as an authority. ~ Yet, it's the number one fear people have! Even greater than death! Learn how to overcome this fear.

Horse Stance Audio $15 Value

The Horse Stance is an ancient pose of the Tai Chi and Chi Kung masters, the original Body Mind practitioners of thousands of years ago, that gives true balance, energy, strength, and clarity to body, mind, and emotions.

$$$ <<< FREEDOM! >>> $$$ - Priceless!

* To pursue your dreams and goals! * To get paid what you're worth!
* To a better life for you and your family! * To make a difference in the world!



“I got to the bottom of why I’m not fully committed to my business. I got practical steps to get un-stuck from them more quickly!” – Linda Westrick, Indianapolis, Indiana


“Coaching with Bess opened my eyes not only to what is possible, but to what the results of my inaction are. She gave me the strength and courage to be the person I was meant to be. Bess is the BOMB. Her knowledge and support are Amazing.” – Tracy Baker, Las Cruces, New Mexico


"You lifted a burden and them some. You simplified everything for me. You validated that I do have value and worth to teach and share. I’m writing an ebook and have so much focus and clarity!” – Deanna Michelle, Raleigh, North Carolina

“Kudos to Bess McCarty for consistently providing value to the Network Marketing Pro community. Thanks Bess.” ~ Eric Worre

“You are an amazing human being.” ~ Marina Worre

“Bess McCarty gives generously of her time to support everyone in the network marketing profession.” ~ Peter Burrows

Questions? Call Bess (512) 569-1139.

The High Price of Fear
Fear is Very Expensive. Have you ever thought about that?
Fear keeps us stuck where we’ve been. It keeps us from moving forward to our destiny and fortune.

Fear can show itself in may ways. Are you:

Scared to talk to people, afraid to ask for money, hate hearing a NO, fear rejection?
Hate to make mistakes; embarrassed; worry that you are intruding?
Discouraged about setbacks or slow growth; losing ground?
Disbelieve you deserve success, or that you are capable of it?
Sabotage your own efforts; work against yourself with bad habits?
Procrastinate; feel lazy; stuck; wonder where your creative flow is?
Chase the latest bright, shiny object/ idea in hopes it will be a magic bullet?
Frantically do more, in hopes THAT will be the magic bullet?

Fear can keep us from:
Asking for help
Hearing our own inner guidance
Investing in a coach
Believing in our better future
Being happy, kind, patient, effective, focused, and efficient
Making a lot of money!
So, what has that cost you so far?

How much money would you have made by now in your network marketing business if you had been totally unafraid and joyful? $5,000? $500,000? $5,000,000? How much more will fear cost you in 5 years? 25 years?

Besides money, the cost for many has also been peace of mind, joy, sleep, health, relationships, and what they could have given their family, including their presence.

Now, I want you to know there is a solution for EVERY problem! This is very important:

For over 30 years, I've helped hundreds of people all over the world get free of past, old, subconscious programs that would have ruined their future with specific methods I created to do that.

Upgrading your mindset is essential to success. Research shows that 80% of success depends on your mindset! The other 20% is skills.

This mindset clearing is not for the people who simply need to get their skills up. It's for people who have that, but still have fear. It is not an immediate fix, but can help a lot, and get the necessary deeper change rolling.



"After working only a very short time with Bess, she helped me zero in on my road blocks, find alternative actions, and then reach Executive District Manager. You have no idea just how good it felt to accomplish that!!! Next step: AREA MANAGER!” ~ Debbie Brown, Austin, Texas


“I recognized that to achieve the high standard I had set that I was going to have to make significant changes in myself. I asked Bess McCarty if she could help me. Perhaps the most important thing that has happened is that I have gained trust and confidence in the process, my coach, and myself.” ~ Rich McCoy, Oklahoma City


“Bess kept me sane and encouraged through the challenging days on the way to my current great success.” ~ Damon Flowers, Austin, Texas


“You are my Wizard of Oz. You know how to help me see my potential, strength, and courage.” – Ernest Rodriguez, Austin, TX


“You have made a great difference in my life. The revelations I discovered in our conversations continue to echo in great understanding!” ~ Caryn McCaskill

Questions? Call Bess (512) 569-1139.

“Bess, anyone who knows you knows you’re more than a coach, you’re a real gifted healer who teaches and lives the path of personal transformation. Your versatility in dealing with a wide range of issues is unmatched and your open hearted nature and deep connection to spirit is what creates the space for real change to take place. Over the years you have helped me become a better, more authentic me and that makes me feel happy! Thank you Bess, I’m blessed to know you.” – Betty Strong, San Diego, California

“I cannot express enough how much I appreciate you and your coaching! My joy and fulfillment are off the scales.” ~ Louis Drott, Austin, Texas

“Your coaching has been simply invaluable to me. It grounded me exactly when things seemed most difficult and when I felt as though I was losing control. With much appreciation,” ~ B.H., San Diego