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“The biggest mistake you can make is to ignore the basics in your profession.
Without having the basics in order, you’ll never achieve your full potential.
And there’s only one way to improve the basics, by repetition.
Stay a beginner. When you repeat the basics, you don’t only become great, you will stay great.” – Darius Foroux


Show your business to 2 new people a day: https://www.bessmccarty.com/build-with-2-a-day/

1) Text, call, or Facebook message 10 people you know: “I need a huge favor! (or, Can I ask you a huge favor?) I want to let you know something new I’m working on, so if you come across the right person, you can refer them to me. Are you free to talk right now?”

2) Then do your 10-minute presentation, which you can read. Research shows 1 to 1 is the most effective type of first presentation. Cover your company story, the need, the products, comp plan, and timing.

3) Then ask, “Now that you know what I do, might you have someone you could refer to me, or do you have an interest yourself?”

4) Use 3rd party tools to validate. 3-way call, video, meeting, etc.

More details: See pages 5-12 in the Always Get a YES! e-book, a 30 minute read: (Copy and paste if needed:)



Feeling like a million might mean to you:
● Financial freedom
● More time for family and spiritual pursuits
● Making a difference in the world

You can do this!
 You are among like-minded, successful people waiting to help you, share with you, and learn from you. You will learn where to easily find people, how to comfortably invite them, be a good leader, and coach your downline to success!

Then commit to do just 3 things that are our Club Culture: A B C

A. Attend – Your weekly Club call: Quick Start Basics – 10 Core Commitments. Put one money-making  idea into action.

B. Build – Show your business to 2 new people a day and use our “2 A Day” accountability system.

C. Core – Be Core. Commit to do each of the 10 Core Commitments.

1. Get Started Right
2. Be Here a Year From Now
3. Professional Development
4. Market Daily
5. Present Daily
6. Attend a Weekly Open House
7. Attend a Weekly Team Core Training (That’s your Quick Start Basics Class.)
8. Attend a Monthly Team Event
9. Attend all Company Conventions
10. MAP – Monthly Action Plan

Hear the Replays on your MLM Millionaire Academy private Facebook Group to let it sink in on a deeper level.

5 Things to Know 

1. Be Core.

A. Are you doing everything?
B. Are you consistent?
C. Are you teaching this to your team?

2. Start People Right. They will ask:

A. Can I do what you did to get started?
B. Do I have the time to do what you just did?
C. Am I OK doing this to friends, family, and neighbors?

3. Obey the Laws of Duplication

A. It must work instantly and be teachable in 30-60 minutes.
B. It must work 10 levels below me.
C. It must work with people I don’t know.
D. It must work 1,000 miles away.
E. It must work from an amateur to professional and vice versa.

4. Protect Your Team. Keep it:
A. Easy
B. Simple
C. Duplicatable

5. Know the Growth Cycle

A. Learn
B. Do
C. Model
D. Teach


1. Contact
2. Invite
3. Set 15 Min. Phone Appointment
4. Present
5. 3rd Party confirmation and invite to Event
6. Event
7. Ask the 3 Closing questions in order.

If you follow this formula… Over 80% CLOSE RATE

if you Skip a step… it drops to a less than 10% Close rate!!!


Always Get a YES! e-book https://tinyurl.com/y3ogvyar

MLM Millionaire Academy Quick Start Basics 10 Core Training Guide https://tinyurl.com/y88efg5m


Agent Profile Use this for yourself, your team, and every new recruit.

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If you can dream something, you can do it. As long as you do not align your actions with your dreams, you are not fulfilling your destiny. — Harold Klemp, The Language of Soul

Research recently conducted by psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews shows that people who wrote down their goals, shared this information with a friend, and sent weekly updates to that friend were on average 33% more successful in accomplishing their stated goals than those who merely formulated goals!


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Bess McCarty, your MLM Millionaire Coach, Shrink of MLM

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