The Art and Science of Recruiting Using Leads Class for Network Marketers

We have a Lead system. 

We teach exactly what to say, and exactly what to do.

For those who want to go FAST and most quickly fill their team with Top Recruiters!

This class is for you if...

*You're not recruiting 5 people consistently.
*You've run out of people to talk with about your business.
*You don't want to only use social media to prospect.
*You want the confidence of a never-ending stream of prospects.
*You want to go FAST.

This Class Covers:

Where to Get Leads * Different Kinds of Leads * When to Call Leads * What to Say to Leads * How to Pre-Qualify Leads * How to Present to Leads * How to Introduce Leads to New People * Q & A Every Class 

Why you don't need to follow up, overcome objections, or do 3-way calls. Why your peers, friends, and family are the hardest to influence. And how Leads solve that.

Jeffrey David Gamble's Personal Qualifications: Built two MLM teams past 5,000 customers. -Personally recruited over 500 people front line in MLM. -Became a Top Recruiter in 3 different companies. -Helped others learn this system who are now Top Recruiters.

Capture Confidence. Build a Giant Team! Help Your Team Do the Same!

*Sponsored by the MLM Millionaire Academy, Generic School for Network Marketers

" As usual, Jeffrey did warn us, be prepared, don't bring a tea cup, because he is bringing a fire hose to The Art and Science Of Leads class. I think I needed a life raft." - Kitty Baker

These amazing classes have been captured on video for you to study and make money at your own pace. Click the orange box below to be taken to the videos!

The phone is your ATM!" - James Hendrix

You deserve to have a winning team.
Here's how this class helps:

Where to Get Leads
The different kinds of Leads and how to get them.

What to Say
Get confidence from proven success methods.

When to Call Leads
The best times to call what type of Leads.

How to Pre-Qualify Leads
Save time by presenting only to qualified prospects.

Your Toolbox
Scripts for text and phone.

"Lots of things to apply."

Jim Bailey

Englewood, Colorado

Amazing, the best, learning is fun with Jeff Gamble and Bess McCarty

Liz Dickerson

Spokane, Washington

"Hi there Jeff, I really appreciate how well you explained a way to use leads that really works... soo exciting - Thanks!" 

Adrienne Congleton

Newark, New Jersey

Not sure you can do this? 

"I've made money in various industries. A lot of money. By far all take work. All take learning. All take investment, but MLM by far is the best bang for your buck. Lowest risk financially, least amount of skill needed, least amount of time. Trust me learn from the people who have made $3,500,000.00 mistake! Find someone great to train you who is making money and give it your all! In the long run you will be much better off." -Jeffrey David Gamble


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