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Recruit 10 People in 10 Days. What You Need to Build Your Business Fastest. 10 Core Commitments, 7 Skills, Generic, Fun. Eliminate Fear. Capture Confidence. Build a Giant Team. Contribute. So You Can Retire Early, Live Large, and Give Your Family the Life They Deserve!

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This Class Includes Many Valuable Resources

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You Will Learn:
Easiest Way to Prospect and Recruit 
Always Get a YES When Prospecting 
Eliminate Objections 
Bullet-Proof your Business
Put the Laws of Duplication to Work For You
Know When to Quit Your Job.
Be Aware of the 6 Lies Told in Network Marketing 
Best Way to Call Leads 
Easiest Way to Get Top-Earning Recruits 
Prevent Attrition
Overcome Fear and Procrastination 
Never Run Out of People to Talk To 
How to Fill Events 
Motivate Your Team to Self-Sufficiency 
Get Your Business Running Without You 
Make More Money Part Time From Home Than at Your Full-Time Job 

This E-Class is part of the MLM Millionaire Academy, our generic, alternative school for Network Marketers: making Network Marketing simple.
So you can create a better life for yourself, your family, and for many others. And have the time and money freedom to say goodbye to jobs that are not good for you, invest time with your family, get out of debt, or enjoy a dignified retirement. We will help you do it. Even if your upline is not helpful. You are not alone.

            3 Ranks in 3 Months

"I've hit the 3rd leadership rank in 3 months. The classes have been awesome!" - Joyce Shalkowski, MLM Millionaire Academy Member, Austin, Texas

              Double Promotion

 "I did it!!! With your help, I double promoted this month!!! Thank you for giving me the confidence to persist!! 💙 + quadruple my sales + earn a car bonus! The Favor Script gave me the simple, easy, concise, and condensed verbiage to use. " - Tammy White, MLM Millionaire Academy Member, Virginia

                       New Rank

 "Morning... using your tools... just hit Director! Thank you for your dedication to this Industry you two!" - Janice Silva, MLM Millionaire Academy Member, Hawaii (top-earner)

                     7 Day Results

"I jumped a rank in my company and sponsored 3 reps and 1 customer in 7 days using your methods and only spoke to 4 people. This Favor Script is everything!!! 5 messages, 5 yes's, 1 referral, 2 potential business partners, 1 potential client!I had my wife use the Favor Script to book a presentation with her sister. It worked and she has never successfully contacted anyone. The Favor Script is 0 resistance. It feels good to both people." - David Peters, MLM Millionaire Academy Member, Indianapolis, Indiana

          Advanced to Promoter

"I signed up a new rep, they advanced me to promoter, and gave me an honorable mention. I attribute it to the Quick Start Basics classes you and Jeff give us, the Favor Script, and stories of others' success. Thank you so much for giving me more confidence!" - Liz Dickerson, MLM Millionaire Academy Member, Spokane, Washington

You get instant access to "Always Get a YES!" 

When Prospecting!

This e-book comes instantly with the course so you can start immediately with this simple method that never gets a NO, does not get objections, works with all personalities, is simple, is super-duplicatable, and is used by our members to jump ranks!

Always Get a YES!

When Prospecting

Join Our Members From 7 Countries

        2 Presentations = 2 Yes's

"I have 2 yes's after 2 meetings. I keep thinking why didn't I get this a long time ago?" - Sandra Akosile, MLM Millionaire Academy Member, South Africa

                   Two for One

"Used your 'Always Get a YES!' technique yesterday with a friend who has always run away from network marketing. He is very interested, and will likely refer his manager. So that is like a 2 for 1. Amazing. Thank you so much!" - Mike Limmer, South Dakota

                     New Rank

"I hit a new rank! Thanks to you and Jeff! You help me do what I love to do." - Dr. Chris Enomoto, MLM Millionaire Academy Member, California

      19 Conversations Results

"I've had 19 conversations from the Favor Script in the past 3 weeks. 4 follow-ups, 1 referral and 2 that want to start in the next 2 weeks.
🙏🏾 I appreciate you helping me stay accountable!" - Amanda Barnes, MLM Millionaire Academy Member, San Ramon, California

             Passed First Rank!

"I have been in my company for 2 1/2 years without ever ranking. Since joining up with you guys it finally happened. I passed my 1st rank and am a little more than halfway to my next!!! Thank you so much!!!" - Monica Marc, MLM Millionaire Academy Member, Texas

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                 Never Got  a NO

"Favor script: Night and day difference! Every single person I asked replied, “Yeah, man, what are you doing?” I know I can help them! This gives me a way to get in front of them. Never got a no. Never." - Thomas Nalepka, Indianapolis, Indiana

  My business has become effortless.

"My business has become effortless. I'm getting more quality sign-ups. You guys are good together. I think you, Jeff, and I created the magic!" - Doris Haskins, MLM Millionaire Academy Member, Michigan

             Most Respected Giants

"My favorite, most respected giants in the MLM industry sharing their words of wisdom." - Vicky Aguilera Perez, MLM Millionaire Academy Member, New Mexico

The Best Time to Start Getting Recruits is NOW!

What is more important than your future? A year from now you'll wish you had started today. There is never a better time than NOW!  We are here to welcome you to the MLM Millionaire Academy! 

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