Always Get a YES!*


Hi, I’m Bess McCarty.

Jeff Gamble and I teach in our generic, alternative school for network marketers, the MLM Millionaire Academy, making Network Marketing simple! One of our signature methods is how to Always Get a YES! when prospecting with the Favor Script!

SO many Network Marketers are stuck:

Not sure of themselves, don’t know how to talk to people, scared they won’t be liked, or will be rejected or judged.

They may feel stuck, frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed.
Are not seeing the results they’d like.
Know they should talk with people, but aren’t doing it.
Are not sure what to say, or how, or when.
Are afraid people won’t like them for selling something.
Worry about intruding, or not being liked.
Think people will avoid them when they find out they’re in MLM.
Are scared to hear NO’s, or discouraged by so many NO’s.
Run into objections.
Tired of the videos not getting watched.
Their upline is not enough help.
Put off talking to people one… more… day…!

Lots of network marketers feel this way. Perhaps this has cost them a lot of money that they could have made by now! Let alone peace of mind, stress, sleepless nights, or quality family time.

I think you will like this “Always Get a YES!” method.

Because it bypasses all that.

THIS SCRIPT (also called the Favor Script):
Always Gets a YES to look at your business
Takes Away Fear
Does NOT Get Objections!
Works With All Personalities
Works With People Who Already Said NO To YOU!
Does Not Need a Video
When our students text it to 10 people and follow up, they often get customers and recruits!


"I've had 19 conversations from the Favor Script in the past 3 weeks. 4 follow-ups, 1 referral and 2 that want to start in the next 2 weeks."

Amanda Barnes

San Ramon, California

"Used your 'Always Get a YES!' technique yesterday with a friend who has always run away from network marketing. He is very interested, and will likely refer his manager. So that is like a 2 for 1. Amazing. Thank you so much!"

Mike Limmer

South Dakota

"I jumped a rank in my company and sponsored 3 reps and 1 customer in 7 days using your methods and only spoke to 4 people. This Favor Script is everything!!! 5 messages, 5 yes's, 1 referral, 2 potential business partners, 1 potential client! I had my wife use the Favor Script to book a presentation with her sister. It worked and she has never successfully contacted anyone. The Favor Script is 0 resistance. It feels good to both people." 

David Peters

Indianapolis, Indiana

When you invite people to look at your product or business, then to become a customer, distributor, or give you referrals. So you can have better and easier results when you talk with people, and have more fun!

Your family is counting on you for a better life. You don't have time to mess around with anything that will slow you down.

If there was a simple script and method, developed by someone with many years of experience who loves the easiest way, would you want to know about it? Would it be worth a listen?

Jeffrey David Gamble has personally recruited over 500 people in his Network Marketing business, and grown teams of over 11,000 in 7 countries in 3 years, who produced over 10 million in sales over those 3 years.

I was teaching another method when I learned Jeff's. It's the best I've ever seen in all my years of doing Network Marketing, and now we're teaching it. I had to bring it to my students! Jeff helped us, and now we teach together on Sunday night classes. This is a powerful sample we want to give you.

I want a light to go off for you, where you say, “Aha! Of course! I can do this! This is simple! This is natural! And people like it! And people like ME when I do it!”

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