Secret of the Ancient Tai Chi Masters

By Bess McCarty

Audio Download: Body Mind Tune-up in 9 Steps

Would you like true balance, energy, and clarity? What if you could have your natural, internal core strength flow through you and allow the life you want?

The Horse Stance is an ancient pose of the Tai Chi and Chi Kung masters, the original Body Mind practitioners of thousands of years ago. The Horse Stance is an unsung treasure available for those who can grasp its gifts.

It changed my life 30 years ago. It continues to. That’s why I love to teach it. I have simplified it to 9 easy steps. This 90 minute audio gives you Body Mind balance, energy, clarity and strength through posture, breath, and relaxation.

Give it 10 minutes a day, and it will give you these gifts! Over time, the joy of vitalized, relaxed energy will grow in you.

A lady came to my office with a migraine. Ten minutes later, in the Horse Stance, her head felt fine! For another, it released and grounded anger. Yet another found strength and capability flow into her life.

I have a 30 year background in Body Mind therapy. Of all I teach, this is the best Body Mind exercise I can share with you. It will do the most for you of any. “Ten minutes a day of Tai Chi makes you strong as a lumberjack, supple as a baby, & wise as a sage.”

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