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For 30 years, Bess has helped hundreds of people, especially visionary women, break through fears and negative beliefs, to achieve in their careers, have satisfying relationships, and enjoy vibrant health.

She is best known for her transformational Body Mind coaching with soulful insight from the heart, including inner child work that solves quickly and directly to the missing need.

Her background is Body Mind Psychology. She is an acclaimed speaker for radio and seminars, and a published author with Network Marketing Business Journal and the book, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. She created the Real Conversations® method to help people have quick breakthroughs. She loves coaching network marketers to success privately, and in her MLM Millionaire Academy, generic school for Network Marketers since 2010. She is dubbed the “Shrink of MLM”. <img draggable=” She helped create the world’s first college accredited course in Network Marketing at Kansas’s Bethany College!

Bess has helped people all over the world to eliminate fears, frustration, and constraints, and gain confidence, posture, and leadership, so they can live the life they are meant to!

She is a coach for coaches, a Holistic Health Practitioner, a Reiki Master, a Compassionate Communication facilitator, and currently coaches and facilitates workshops and classes for breakthrough mindset clearing, inner child, teamwork, communication, and leadership. Bess is also a minister, mother, grandmother, and martial artist.

Tom Chenault Interviews Bess on his radio show.

A  full-time, award-winning network marketer for years, which helped to raise her son as a single mom, she is dedicated solely to teaching and coaching. She completely supports your company and upline methods, and enforces a strict “No Recruit” policy in the MLM Millionaire Academy.

Her Story: Bess was so shy as a child that she would hide in her room when company came over. She was scared of people! She worried about not being liked, or approved of, not measuring up to others, or criticized. She didn’t feel she belonged, so she stayed to herself. She was lonely, but safe! Can you relate? Yet when she joined network marketing, she wanted to help people to better lives. You can’t do that by hiding out! So she learned, and got past that. She went door to door, taught classes, spoke on stage, trained people, and won awards. Her favorite was a trip to the Bahamas! When her company went out of business, she became a Body Mind Therapist for her own healing, and to help others with this very needed personal growth work.

In three sessions Bess helped a man overcome a business-crippling, lifelong fear that even the top psychologists at UCSD couldn’t help. And in one session, stopped a man’s long-time pattern of destructive behavior that three years of psychotherapy didn’t. And in one session, turned a woman’s serious and debilitating depression into great joy, happiness, and confidence for her future!

Bess uses this same Body Mind human technology, including her Real Conversations method, to help you remove blocks to success. So if you feel procrastination, low self-esteem, and negative beliefs are holding you back, so you can become productive, profitable, and shine your true brilliance!

Bess loved growing up on a Kansas wheat farm with dogs, chickens and cows.
Then she lived 30 years in San Diego.

She was irresistibly drawn to do her own intense personal clearings to overcome shyness and fear in 1988 when she found the pioneering Body Mind College in San Diego and became a Holistic Health Practitioner, integrating body, mind, emotion, and spiritual therapy. She designed courses and was a head instructor there for over 10 years. She became a coach for coaches, a therapist for therapists. She does her personal growth work daily.

She returned to Kansas to help her mom through the last part of her life. She was there for her mother’s last breaths and the miracle of her death. That created a hunger for God and living. She loves spirituality, personal growth, raw food, organic farming, health, adventure movies, and music. AND being a grandma!

Bess’s own inner journey
, as well as her work with students and clients, led her to develop her process, Real Conversations®. It is now a valuable tool you too can use to turn problems into solutions, and like others, have breakthroughs quickly, directly, and powerfully.

Bess brings these skills to network marketers: G
oals, strategies, communication, teamwork, and time and stress management. Her specialty, clearing subconscious blocks by knowing and meeting the needs underneath, bringing new levels of freedom!

She is also a passionate advocate of Network Marketing. Can anyone name a better option for a better life for most people? Would you like to see her rebuttal to John Oliver defending Network Marketing? It got 5,000 views, many contentious! 🙂

No matter how dark it is, there is a sunrise for each of us! There is a solution to every problem, I guarantee.

A peek into her Astrology Chart: A born psychologist; penetrating mind
Understands what motivates others
Gets to the heart of things in an instant
Gets at the causes beneath the surface of life.
Sharp perceptions find new solutions
Brings an unexpected twist or insight
Flair for the unusual and the unconventional
A born mother
All heart! Feelings are always out front
An expert at matters of the heart
Very compassionate and aware of the needs of others
Always able to motivate and inspire others

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Weirdest thing about Bess: While in college, she wondered what it would be like to be blind. She went to sleep that night with a blindfold so she’d wake up that way and have 24 hours without sight. A friend took her on an outing to the mall and walked around there. She had heightened senses of hearing and touch, and sure appreciates her eyes now!

“Thank you Bess, you are beyond AWESOME! Like the song goes “where have you been all my life?” ~ Johan Rustenberg

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