Private Coaching


Experience Private Coaching with Bess!

Get to your goals faster, easier, better, and farther than you can alone.

Do you agonize about feeling stuck, or held back, from your true purpose and potential? I help women break free of limits, and step authentically into their purpose-driven leadership. So they can change the world and make great money doing it!

Are you going through a transition? I can help you make the most of your new start, from adjusting and stabilizing to strategizing steps to a new, fulfilling dream. You have a real time mentor to assist you, whether in business or personal life.

Besides business and life skills, I specialize in clearing the subconscious blocks that hold you back by meeting the core needs underneath. So you can charge ahead to your goals, and have more money, time, and happiness!

Each of my coaches has shared with me what took them years to learn. And now I share this with my clients for their best business and personal growth.

“You gave me the key to something I’ve been struggling with for 20 years! You helped me heal the emotional issues beneath my challenges. I think you’re brilliant, and you opened my mind to so many incredible possibilities and insights!” – Louise Gallagher

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We will zero in on what you need to succeed, design a custom strategy for you, troubleshoot blocks that always come up, and celebrate your success! So you can sooner have financial freedom, spend time with your family, make a difference in the world, and live the life you know you deserve!

Or upgrade your health! Eat better painlessly, lose weight, reduce stress, look and feel better, and have more energy so you can live your best lifestyle!

Or get the quality relationships you dream of! More fun, warmth, connection, ease, and joy come with understanding personalities and communication skills. So you can enjoy the best parts of life!

“In order for you to feel entitled, you gotta bring your best. You bring some skills, and you buy the rest. If you don’t afford to invest in other people bringing you the skills that you don’t have, you’re never gonna have the skills you need!” ~ Gloria Mayfield Banks


“What I need is someone who will make me do what I can.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


“We found an average return on investment of 5.7 times the initial investment in a typical executive coaching assignment or a return of more than $100,000.” – Maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching, Manchester Review


The average person who gets coached receives a return on their investment of 3.44 times, according to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study.

“If you have a car but not a business coach, sell the car and hire the coach… you’ll go farther.” ~ Hilton Johnson

“I cannot express enough how much I appreciate you and your coaching! My joy and fulfillment are off the scales.” ~ Louis Drott

“I have known Bess for over 10 years – she is my go-to person when I need to brainstorm solutions. Her advice is practical and down to earth.” ~ Josh

“I thought long and hard about whether I needed a coach… I recognized that to achieve the high standard I had set that I was going to have to make significant changes in myself. I asked Bess McCarty if she could help me. Her answer was, ‘Yes I can, this is what I do.’ In the short time we worked together this is what has happened: (1) We refined my goals and mission statement. (2) Bess helped me identify objectives that I had not thought of.  She helped me effectively review and track my progress. Perhaps the most important thing that has happened is that I have gained trust and confidence in the process, my coach, and myself.” ~ Rich McCoy, San Diego.

”Our sessions were a major breakthrough for me.” ~ Raj Patel

“Words cannot express
my gratitude to you for assisting me in my upward climb.” ~ Rachel Leder

“Coaching helps you get there faster, easier, better, and farther.” ~ Bess McCarty ~ Be coach-able!

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“Bess kept me sane and encouraged through the challenging days on the way to my current great success.” 

Damon Flowers - Austin, TX

“Bess is my lifeline. Without our weekly meetings I’ll be so behind on my work, and my body would be in dire state. Thanks Bess for all you do.” 

Yifat Cohen - Round Rock, TX

“The guidance I am receiving is transforming my life!!!”

Cathy Fry - Queensland, Australia

“Your coaching has been simply invaluable to me. It grounded me exactly when things seemed most difficult and when I felt as though I was losing control. With much appreciation,”

Bertha Hernandez - San Diego

“Bess’s coaching very effectively helped resolve recurring personal life issues so I became free to focus on my business. Better then any psychologist I could imagine. Then we set goals and strategies that marketed my business, increased accountability, and tracked results. It worked tremendously! Since I began working with Bess in April, my business income has quadrupled!! Good thing she’s good at being both a business and life coach, since they tie in together.” ~ James Moore

James Moore - Cedar Park, TX

“Coaching with Bess opened my eyes not only to what is possible, but to what the results of my inaction are. She gave me the strength and courage to be the person I was meant to be.” 

Tracy Baker - Las Cruces, New Mexico