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Fear to Confidence in Minutes! (Click Here)

Fear is Very Expensive. Have you ever thought of that?

Fear keeps us stuck where we’ve been. It keeps us from moving forward to our destiny and fortune. Here are 3 simple, powerful techniques that you can use right away to change fear into confidence: Free Audio. See how you can get free of past, old, subconscious programs so they don't ruin your future!

Always Get a YES When Prospecting! (Click Here)

Free "Favor Script" And A One Hour Video Class On How To Use It! Never gets a No, never gets an objection, easy, simple, duplicatable! 

“Used your ‘Always Get a YES!’ technique yesterday with a friend who has always run away from network marketing. He is very interested, and will likely refer his manager. So that is like a 2 for 1. Amazing. Thank you so much!” – Mike Limmer, South Dakota

💥What to say and do to keep your team positive and moving forward at this time. 💥What to definitely NOT DO when approaching prospects. 💥How to help them get their starter kit easiest. 💥When your customers can't afford the product. 💥The easiest way to get your new recruit making money right away. 💥 How to work at home with Kids!

The Art and Science of Recruiting Using Leads            💥When you have talked to all your friends, family, and referrals, where do you go? LEADS! This webinar replay is where to get Leads and what to say to most quickly fill your team with Top Recruiters!  

💥This 1 hour webinar covers: 💥Why Leads 💥Pre-Qualification 💥Presentation 💥Q and A

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💥 Scroll down for 700 replays of The MLM Lunchtime Leadership Shows! ~ Generic training with Jeffrey David Gamble, certified John Maxwell trainer, Brandee Pember, and Bess McCarty, Shrink of MLM, sponsored by our generic alternative school, the MLM Millionaire Academy.  Alli MacDonald: "I'm so glad I cleared my schedule for this."
Tom Chenault: "Terrific people!"