Inner Guidance Class

    Transformational Stories and Exercises to Help You Tap Into Your Inner Guidance

Got tough decisions to make? Feel lost and wonder which way to go? Facing problems that seem insurmountable?

There is always a way. Here is support, encouragement, inspiration, and ideas to a better life. To receive the wisdom of your being and life that always works for your benefit. To step into joy and grace immediately, bringing with it better health, relationships, and finances. To live more from the heart than the mind. To be more inner directed than outer directed. To have that now, not in sometime in the future.


"Sharing stories is powerful medicine! I enjoyed and appreciated the class very much. The women that spoke were each such beautiful souls. I loved their stories. I was struck that more than one spoke of being very sensitive and using it for good. Your chart and comment that every need can be met had an impact on me. I wish I had your chart, help and wisdom 7-10 years ago." - Diane 

Just what IS Inner Guidance?
How can we get it? Or access more?

Inner Guidance may be a nudge, your intuition,  little voice inside, something your friend says, or something you hear on the radio. Some say it is God, the highest part of you, an angel, or a spiritual guide.

"Inner guidance is heard like soft music in the night by those who have learned to listen." - Vernon Howard

This class has deep questions to lead to your own inner guidance. Stories, principles, exercises, Inner child and body mind techniques, and live coaching with like-minded people. You can practice and journal between classes. Bring your results and questions to the next one! And enjoy our private Facebook Group where you can converse with other members.

First Thursday each month at 8-9:30 pm Eastern Time on Zoom!  Anyone can join any time. No contract. Register for the class, zoom links, replays, Bess's Real Conversations journaling method, weekly email lessons, 24 class archives back to June 2022, and private Facebook Group here: 

"This class is so uplifting! I love the opportunity to focus on a spiritual concept each month and how we all share our experiences at the next session. I'm so grateful to have found a community of like-hearted Souls!"  - Kimberly Young

"It was awesome. I love your format and people are so wonderfully sensitive! I learned a lot as well and that's what's beautiful. We all learn from each other." - Noelle Imparato
“Thank you, I definitely received and learned. Authentic participation is what works for me, all kinds of hidden gifts.” - Josh Daly


Want to see a replay of a class? "Letting Go!" What a great topic! ~ Click Here!

“You will hear stories: “Flapping Slippers”, “Surprise Job!”, “Flat on My Face”, “Wrong Question!”, “Getting My Pause Back”, “How God Got Me to Let Go”, “Enlarge My Heart”, “Better Than Expected”, “Shift!”, “Have Fun!”,  “How to Feel Safe”, and more. ~ Enjoy! :)

You can register here for the class (first Thursday each month at 8 pm ET), zoom links, replays, Bess's Real Conversations journaling method, weekly email lessons, class archives back to June 2022, and private Facebook Group! All for only $37/month!