EXCEL 10 Minute Presentation

This can be read to your team, network marketing friends, or friends who might know a network marketer. ___________________________________________

"Hi how are you? Can I ask you a favor? I’d like to let you know what I’m doing in case you run across the right person you could refer them to me. Is this a good time?" 


"I’m part of an online Mastermind Group for committed Network Marketers called EXCEL. 

You know how most network marketers wonder where to find people to talk to, and what to say?

And even when they learn that, they have a hard time consistently talking to new people every day? They get busy, get scared, forget, lose their focus, lose their momentum.

They lose track of their goals, and their reasons, and may spend the rest of their lives with regret for not having reached their dreams. Have you ever known anyone like this?

That was me, until I joined this Group. For me it’s (done _______). 

Our Group’s Purpose is Freedom: To help the world understand Network Marketing and provide options to create success, by presenting to 2 new people a day.

Like a goose team flying together on each other’s momentum, this Group makes it easier to keep focus, motivation, passion, and vision, and become a true Network Marketing professional for the long haul.

It grows leaders. It is a place to learn from people outside our company, and get support beyond our sponsors.

We have weekly skills education, leadership training, success coaching, and mastermind breakout rooms for accountability that gets results and lifts us continually to the next level. And we have a lot of fun with the most amazing people in our Group!

EXCEL teaches the best method to recruit that I’ve ever seen! Network Marketers have been using it for years to jump ranks quickly. It always gets a yes, never gets objections, is simple, and extremely duplicatable. Plus we study the 10 Core Commitments that have proven for decades to create greatest success in Network Marketing!

We also use a proven trademarked method to clear mindset blocks quickly called Real Conversations that has helped Network Marketers for decades to overcome fears and negative beliefs to get on the fast track to their goals.

And we utilize the excellent leadership methods of John Maxwell, the world’s foremost leadership expert, to achieve our fulfillment of purpose and legacy.

No other Group does all this. It is for committed Network Marketers who want to grow into a 6 or 7 figure income.

This EXCEL Group is part of The MLM Millionaire Academy: for 10 years the longest running generic school for Network Marketers.

It’s founder is Bess McCarty, the “Shrink of MLM”. She was so shy as a kid that she hid in her room when company came over!  She overcame that to be a full-time Network Marketer and trainer for years. With her 30 years of counseling and leadership experience, she is now a passionate advocate and teacher of Network Marketing in this Group as a practical alternative to private coaching.

Over the last decade, she has helped hundreds of network marketers breakthrough to their success, some into 6 and 7 figure incomes. 

She has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX news, and interviewed by Tom Chenault, Simon Chan, and radio and talk show hosts.

Eric Worre’s words to Bess: “My good friend Bess: Keep doing what you’re doing.”

The cost to be in this Group? Only $57 a month! Where else can we get coaching like this for this price? It is usually tax-deductible; an investment to make money, rather than an expense.

The best part is we can bring 2 friends and ours is free! This Group pays 50% for people we bring. We can bring 10 people and make over $200 a month recurring residual income. There is no limit to how many we can bring and get paid for every month. We get paid to learn!! No student loans for us!!

And here’s the very best part: what happens to our volume when our team each brings 2, and they bring 2, and they all do 2 presentations a day?

The timing has never been better. This is a golden age for Network Marketing as a solution to this economy, especially now that everyone’s security has been shattered. 

It is the best way I know for people to take control of their lives, live like they want to, make money from home, have more time freedom for themselves and family, have the security of a Plan B amidst change, leave bad jobs, get out of debt, outwit inflation, benefit from tax deductions, have a dignified retirement, have purpose and fulfillment in helping others, leave a legacy, and have a great time doing it!

It is for Network Marketers who want to go farther, faster, and better. To control their destiny, have amazing experiences, develop lifelong relationships, and remove limits.

Thank you for listening. Might you know someone who may be Interested, or do you perhaps have an interest yourself?

What draws your interest?

I would like to invite you or someone you know to be my guest on our next weekly Excel meeting ____________.

Meanwhile I’d like to offer you a video of a past class so you can get a feel for it. Would you like that?"