30-90 Day Challenge Components







These are Bess McCarty’s notes from Eric Worre’s Insanity Bootcamp, 90 Day Game Plan Challenge.





Write your Game Plan.

This is what you want to happen 90 days from now and how you will do it:

Do you want 100 (or ____) people on your team at your company event in 90 days?

Do you want your team to do a combined volume of $_________ in 90 days?

Or have _______ number of distributors?

Or ________ number of customers?

Or reach a certain income? Or rank?

Or get the new product to _________ number of people?


We all attend the company convention and bring 10 people with us (2,000 attending: 20 x 10 x 10).

The 10 people bringing the most will have an inner circle dinner there with the speakers.

We each buy 10 tickets at that convention to bring 10 people to the next one.

We’re all going to be on the company cruise.

We each help 10 people reach their ideal weight.

We all participate in a monthly Blitz Day of setting appointments as a group, with teams and prizes.

We bring people to call marathons every 2 hours, where they can bring more people to the next call, then sign up.

We all reach our next rank!

Right after the company convention, we will show 10 people the business, and reward the first ones to do so.

Write Your Compelling Challenge Story:

Why we are doing this. The Big Problem we solve. Results expected: you, me, the group. Who will benefit. The kind of people I’m looking for. My game plan. The support I offer. “Stand for something!”

What is your vision? Your battle cry? Your story that you will tell over and over to your prospects and team, what you all are going to do together? And why it benefits them?

Whoever tells the most stories wins! First reason people join is the campaign. Second is you. Third is the company.

Examples: “I’m doing this because this market is ready./ No one has solved this yet. / These 90 Days will give you profit for a year. / I’m looking for people who are big-hearted, ambitious, passionate, and energetic, to do _______ over 90 Days. / You’ll never get more support, no one to work harder to get your maximum results of your effort for 90 Days. / Let’s go on an adventure together. / Ready for some fun? / Do you know anyone else?”

You want your prospects to say, “I get it.  I can do it.  I can do it NOW.”

Please email me info@bessmccarty.com your Game Plan, your Challenge Story. Also please email me your Product Story and your Business Story: Your life before and after finding each. The greater the difference between the before and after, the more powerful the story!


Videos, 3-way calls, events, sizzle calls (a recorded call which can lead to a 3 way with the person who made the sizzle call), blitz calls/texts, competition, awards, private call with CEO or speakers, special reception before the convention, 30 meetings in 30 days, etc. You can create events to lead up to one big event, sell tickets, give a prize to the first 5 people to book their flight, host webinars, Facebook events, training meetings, etc.


Commit to move heaven and earth, set your dates, clear your schedule of obligations,  define your daily and weekly work hours (it may be 8-16 hours/day, with Sundays off; 60-80 hours/week can make you 7 figures down the road).  Tell your existing group you will be “gone” 30 days. Polish your 7 skills, gather your call list of 500 people, and prepare your 3rd party tools, including your 3-way callers (with your upline or trade with your crossline). Negotiate with your family to support you, for their later benefit. Will you take Sundays off to be with them? Commit to ____ hours a week.  Clock in like a job. Will you give yourself rewards or penalties for sticking to your hours? Clear your schedule of distractions.  What could distract you? Email? Hobbies? Dating? Sports? TV? Parties? Movies? Errands? Lawn? Housekeeping? Social media? (Limit Facebook to 15 minutes a day during your Challenge.) Do make time for moderate exercise, adequate sleep, meals, and to connect with your family.


Find 5-10 new highly influential people for your inner circle dream team, the best of the best, by private invitation , who you can make history together! Meet with them in person or by Skype to tell your Challenge story. “Guess what? I found it!! I’m looking for people who are serious, energetic entrepreneurs who can see the vision. Is this compelling to you? Are you in or out? You’ll need to get on autoship, use the tools, sponsor people, etc. This person you know is in- I think you’d be be a great addition…” Help them recruit their own inner circle. (Your team can do the same: find their own inner circle to do this Challenge with.) Pre-launch can last up 60-90 days.

First 30 Days: 20 new recruits in 30 days (Modify this if you want.)

Figure what it will be worth to you: upfront commissions, for the year, long term commissions, rank advancement, example to your existing team. The price to make it happen is small compared to long-range return. Here is the difference in results between fast and slow: (Success Loves Speed!)

Recruit 20                               Fast       Slow

Take action right away          10-12     6-8

Stay engaged after 90 days    6-8       3-4

Will become leaders                3-4       1 maybe

Generate huge income            1-2       very rare

Divide your 30 days into 3’s: First 10 days present to 200. Second 10 days followup with them. Third 10 days close and train them. (See Bess’s checklists on the Tools page for all these steps).

Quick Invite: “I don’t have a lot of time right now. You’re gonna have questions. I’ll answer them when we meet.”

Manage Emotions: Stay active! That cures feelings of overwhelm, fear, doubt, anger, frustration, guilt, despair, discouragement, disappointment, envy, and self-pity. If you feel any of these, you know your activity dropped. We never get rid of fear completely, but two things help: 1) understanding the benefits/gifts of network marketing, and 2) getting your skills up to a level 10. (Bess says it’s ideal to do this and clear your mindset before you begin.)

Second and Third Month: Help your team do this too!

Keep prospecting in between doing 3-way calls for your downline.

Choose 3 simple recruiting steps your team can duplicate, such as video, product experience, 3-way call.

Consider holding a Blitz Day: everyone brings phone, charger, and calendar. Can have team challenges and prizes. (Ask Bess how.)

Conduct friendly competition: Awards and recognition at events for first new rank, 1st new influential recruit (how did they do it?), people brought to events, such as dinners, movie tickets, a private BarBQ at your house. “Ace just passed you Collin! Collin just passed you Ace!”, back and forth.