How to Clear the Top 10 Mental Blocks to Success

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Top 10 Mental Blocks to Success

Each of us has a vision of what success is…

Why don’t we then go for it?

Which of these mental blocks do you have?

____1. We believe it’s not possible. “That’s a pipe dream. Don’t bother.”

____2. We think it’s too hard.  “I don’t want to pay the price/do the work/wait that long.”

____3. We can’t figure out how to do it, or where to start. “I have to know how first.”

____4. We’re not receptive to help. “I don’t trust advice.”

____5. We’re not ready for the change it would bring. “I’d have to learn new things.”

____6. We don’t feel we deserve a better life.  “This is all I deserve.”

____7. We feel guilty if we have a better life than our parents.

____8. We are scared to see the truth about ourselves.

____9. We believe that we don’t have enough time.

____10. We believe that we don’t have enough money.

If you checked even one of these, ask yourself,

“What does this block cost me in my life?”

If you’re ready to breakthrough these blocks, and get to your goals, here’s how!

Do the simple 4 Step Real Conversations® process to bust each one!

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Find and meet the need under each block to harness the power of its positive opposite!

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