A Study Guide for Eric Worre’s GoPro Live 8 CD Series

For Individuals, Groups, or Companies, to use as you listen to the CDs.
Originally developed by Bess McCarty for the MLM Millionaire Club.

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CD 1 ~ My Story

Hear all Eric’s bloopers
as he started his work life! We feel for him, and it also shows how human he is. You think, “Well, if HE can succeed in network marketing… I can too!”

What did you hear on this CD that you can apply to your life?

CD 2 ~ Success Concepts

Here are some questions to deepen your value as you hear this CD:

This is not a DOWN economy, it’s a _________ economy.
The changes are not temporary, they are _____________.

Know why these 4 ways to earn money are not working anymore.

This is important when you talk with prospects so you know their pain, and why MLM can help them:

1) Blue collar
2) Corporate
3) Sales
4) Traditional business

Where would you rate yourself on the 3 types of MLMers?

1) Poser
2) Amateur
3) Professional

On taking self-responsibility:
Who have you blamed that you don’t blame anymore? How did you take responsibility?

On getting out of your comfort zone:
When is the last time you stepped into your DIScomfort zone? What happened?

Have you ever noticed that people are succeeding in your company when you’re not? What did you do about it?

Write one idea from this CD that you will use in your business this week.
Enter this action item in your calendar now.

CD 3 ~ Getting Started Right

1) When have you been supported
by others? Kept on track? Or pulled OFF?

2) You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. (Including who you listen to, study, etc.) Who are YOUR 5 people?

3) Use the 3 ways to upgrade that.

4) Getting started right
: Refresh negative thinking. Use all your company’s products and services. Use all their tools. Training is 90% on the job. Fill your calendar with events.

5) Set realistic expectations:

1 year to become functional & profitable
3 years to make a full time income
5 years to become a high income earner
7 years to become world class

Phase 1 = Excitement.
Phase 2 = Doubt. How do YOU prepare your prospects for this inevitable phase, where most quit?

6) Make yourself known:

*Proclaim __________________________________________.
*Tell ______________________________________________.

7) How to keep goals simple
in the beginning so your new recruits don’t get overwhelmed.

Write one idea from this CD that you will use in your business this week.
Enter this action item in your calendar now.

CD 4 ~ Power Prospecting: Finding People to Talk To

Types of people on your team:

88% are Posers (unrealistic expectations) Build lists of 5.
10% are Amateurs (want to learn) Build lists of 100.
2% are Professionals (previous experience) Never-ending lists.

How can you help your Posers to become Amateurs?

Eric says your list will be HUNDREDS if you write down EVERYONE you know who isn’t on your team already. Just stay in touch with them. EVEN people who are ___________, __________, ___________, or ____________.

Harvey Mackay
(Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive) was told by his father at age 21: Every time you meet someone, get their contact info and stay in touch.

Add at least 2 a day. Compliment them, ask for their ________________.

Volunteer time and money. Get to know the community.

Don’t recruit at first contact. Check back later.

Don’t use social media to ______________.

If they say “No”, it REALY means “______________”.

What story do you know of someone joining years later?

Great funny story of how to talk with negative people!! 🙂

The Prospecting Mindset:

1) Posture: Consultant vs. vulture
2) Protect from collateral damage
3) Mindset: red, green or rotten apple?

Only 30% may be ready.

Nathan Ricks’ clock explains timing: recognize where they are in the cycle.

Experiences are not good or bad: simply for learning. Results don’t matter. LEARNING DOES! What story comes to mind in your life about this?

Write one idea from this CD that you will use in your business this week.
Enter this action item in your calendar now.


CD 5 ~ Power Prospecting: Talking to People

Every rich person uses ____________.

In MLM, we use 3rd party tools:
(NOT YOU!) CD, DVD, magazine, brochure, 3-way call, event, product, flip chart, website, upline, (or sometimes your own story: this is the ONLY exception to the 3rd party rule)

Why? They may have pre-conceived ideas about you. Or they may know and LIKE you, but RESPECT a 3rd party more.

If your lips are moving,
you need to be _____________, ______________. _____________, or __________________.

It’s very hard not to say what you know. But you must not. Stay out of the way until it’s time for the application.

Have you ever done this? If not, try a week with 3rd party. Did you notice more success with 3rd party than when you did it all? What did you notice? _________________________________________

If they want YOU to talk about the business, what are 4 things you can say, one of which will work every time?

Your goal is that they UNDERSTAND it, vs. ___________ or ___________.

It takes an average of 4-6 exposures to join. An exposure is a phone call, website, meeting, DVD, 3-way call, etc.

The ONLY goal of an exposure is to ______________________.

How many exposures did it take Neo in the Matrix movie to embrace his mission?

What is the Scale of Influence?
And how can you use it to your advantage?

What can you say to the people who look up to you? Vs. the people YOU look up to?

Eric’s Ultimate Secret Script to get them to look at a 3rd party tool:

1) _______________________________________________



THEN, leave with urgency. Talk another time about _________.

Be emotionally ____________ from the outcome.

Prospecting is a ____________, vs. an event.

Write one idea from this CD that you will use in your business this week.
Enter this action item in your calendar now.

CD 6 ~ “Getting People Started Right”

Prospects want guidance, direction, and a next step to take.

Do not ask, “What do you think?” DO ask: “What do you like best?” “Is there anything you need to know before we get started?”

Then say, “The next thing we need to do is… Here’s how we do that…”

Write down the next “Four Questions to Ask” on a card to carry with you to help your prospect get started.

Then set realistic expectations: You can expect these setbacks __________, ___________, __________. And this is how I’ll help you ______________.

Eric then tells you how to help them have small victories as fast as they can, and how to make it hard to quit: sponsor someone, get recognition, proclaim their goals, product experience, income, personal growth, rank advancement.

See your new recruit as a baby who needs lots of TLC in the beginning, if you don’t want ’em to die.

1) First 2 days is like 1st month of a new baby. _____________

2) First month is like a baby’s 1st 5 years.__________________

3) First 90 days is like a child’s 1st 10 years.________________

4) After 6 months is like a teenager.______________________

5) After 1-2 years, they become adults. ___________________

Write one idea from this CD that you will use in your business this week.
Enter this action item in your calendar now.

CD 7 ~ The Power of Personal Development

Personal development is what we can ____________ and help others to _____________.

Most quoted of Jim Rohn is “The Law of Sowing and Reaping”. Eric also recommends his “Challenge to Succeed” (3 hours).

Four stages of life:

1) Crisis – small, weak, angry, whiny, can be created
2) Survival – until crisis hits
3) Success – aspire, stretch, grow, learn
4) Significance – help others, contribute

Most people exist and alternate between 1) and 2).

* Protect and feed your mind
, and your team’s mind. What does this mean to you?

* Leaders make personal growth a priority
for themselves and their team: Include it in events, do a book of the month, apply the learning.

* Develop disciplines:
Do your habits of time, communication, etc. serve you?

* Find an accountability partner.
Who will YOU partner with? Upline? Sideline? Mate? Friend? Coach?

* Read books! Once a month. Kindle. Audios can help you multi-task. Videos: see www.NetworkMarketingPro.com

* Attend events.

Write one idea from this CD that you will use in your business this week.
Enter this action item in your calendar now.

CD 8 ~ Leadership Secrets

Kinds of People: (Which are you?)

Pessimist – Foresees and creates ___________

Realist – never wants to look bad or be ___________, so sets tiny goals, is reasonable

Visionary – NOT reasonable, not care what others _________, sets goals higher than he reaches

95% are the first 2, which tempts the Visionary to become like them.

Reasonable people conform to the __________.
UN-reasonable people ask the __________ to conform to them.
Therefore, all progress is made by UN-reasonable people.

Eric’s Formula for Success inside Network Marketing:

“Your ability to get a large group of people to do a few simple things over a consistent period of time.”

What are a few core activities YOU will focus on? 2-5 exposures a day? An event once a month? 3-way calls?

A major blast accelerates you to get off the _____________.

What is YOUR group’s culture? What do you want to be known for?

Do you want to be known for the problems you solve? Or the problems you create?

Articulate your vision in a way that causes people to get ___________.

If someone else is doing what you want to do, find out how.

A Leader’s job is to __________________, ___________________________, and _________________________.

Write one idea from this CD that you will use in your business this week.
Enter this action item in your calendar now.