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EXCEL Mastermind Group

A Freedom Movement

An Acceleration Group for Committed Network Marketers

Purpose: Help the World Understand Network Marketing

Vision: To Give People Options to Create  Success

Mission: By Presenting to 2 New People a Day

Free the Spirit! Educate, Inspire, Lift each other Continually to the Next Level.
Weekly Support through the Year. Mindset, Skills, Leadership. To get free of the downward pull and Duplicate that.
Here is Vision, Growth, Freedom, Truth, Choice, Love, Life, and Unfoldment. 
For those finally ready to Commit, be Accountable, Break Through, and Get Results.

WHY become an EXCEL Affiliate?

☑️ Duplicate this Freedom Movement

       ☑️ Make 50% Recurring Monthly Income

       ☑️ Lift Your Team Continually to Success


So you and your team can be a force within the Network Marketing profession for this Good. 
Focus their energy to gain freedom over this pandemic, negative government, naysayers, discouragement, their history, doubt, and fear.
Help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want!
Bring 2, get your membership for FREE!
(You and the people you refer must have PayPal accounts.)

"Thank you Bess McCarty! Tonight's EXCEL Mastermind was Excellent! I look forward to personally connecting with everyone in this group and supporting each other to take the message of our profession - Network Marketing - to the World." 

Joyce Shalkowski  Austin, TX

"After last night I posted some things in my story and I reached out to five people in my messenger and I have two people that are interested in a free sample so I'm just so ecstatic of the value that I'm learning from the Excel Mastermind Group." 

Lakeisha Lucas-Ramirez
Atlanta, GA

"Magical as always!!! We really have some amazing people in this Group. I'm forever thankful to be a part of something so spectacular!”

Chance Brown Lexington, Kentucky

What's Your Favorite Thing About EXCEL?

Freedom of Time, Money, Choice
Service and Significance
Purpose - Make a Difference
Enduring Motivation and Passion
Best Skills (Favor Script Method)
Best Mindset Process (Real Conversations)
Best Training and Education (10 Core)
Leadership (John Maxwell)
Strategy (Game Plan + Launches)
Interactive Participation
Constructive Peer Feedback
Accountability System (Group Support)
Stay on Track Focus
Consistency (2 P/Day)
Synergy Without Judgment
Like-Minded Support
Reach Out
Sound Duplication
Mastermind Brainstorming
Help (a place to ask questions)
Rekindle Dreams

Once you Commit, Life will Guide you. Guaranteed. 

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