Excel Mastermind Group

Higher and higher. Deep to the sky

EXCEL Mastermind Group

A Freedom Movement 

An Acceleration Group for Committed Network Marketers

Purpose: Help the World Understand Network Marketing

Vision: To Give People Options to Create  Success

Mission: By Presenting to 2 New People a Day
Free the Spirit! Educate, Inspire, Lift each other Continually to the Next Level.
Weekly Support through the Year. Mindset, Skills, Leadership. To get free of the downward pull and Duplicate that.
Here is Vision, Growth, Freedom, Truth, Choice, Love, Life, and Unfoldment. 
For those finally ready to Commit, be Accountable, Break Through, and Get Results.
If you already have a monthly subscription and want to upgrade to annual, please contact me.

Group Session Components (What We Do)

  •   10 Core Commitments Proven to Create The Greatest Success in Network Marketing. Peer taught.
  •   Experiential Mindset, Skill, and Leadership Exercises to Upgrade Your Value and Duplicate it with Your Team
  •   Mastermind Break Out Rooms for Accountability and Solutions. Bring Your Team, or Bring This to Your Team. 
  •   Open Coaching for Questions, Peer Help, Sharing Insights and Experiences, Inspiring with Stories. 
  •   Hands-On Exercises to Get Your Purpose and Game Plan, Make Your 10 Minute Presentation Compelling, and Practice.
  •   Build Confidence and Self-Esteem by teaching, speaking, and leading within this Group. Your stage. Your training ground.
  •   Humor, Demos, Games, Contests, Drama, Stories
  •   Meet Every Sunday 8 pm ET for 90 Minutes by Video Conferencing. Recorded for Replay. 
  •   Led by Bess McCarty, "Shrink of MLM". Previous full-time Network Marketer / current Body Mind Therapist.  
  •   BONUS -Advanced Tools for Network Marketers - worth hundreds of dollars! Videos, E-Book, Scripts, & Tips,  
  •   Generic. NO company names mentioned. NO recruiting allowed. Bess is a dedicated generic coach for life.   

Learn More and Get Motivated for 2021! 

💥New Year Blastoff for Network Marketers!

 See Video here: https://youtu.be/Fh_uge08Yxo 

Your 2021 Rocket Ship for Your Business!

So lock arms with us to Fight for The Freedom in Network Marketing! 

Fight for the people who lost jobs, wages, businesses. Who don't have enough to eat right now. Who have bad jobs or bosses. Fight for the people who are facing an undignified retirement. For the people who are being crushed by debt. Who heartbreakingly long to be there more for their families.

Network Marketing is the Best Business in the World, says Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins, and a host of other experts. It has the highest Return on Investment of any business. Work for oneself! Tax deductions, personal growth, low overhead, freedom to work anytime from anywhere are just a few of the many advantages. (I count 38.) It is an answer to this economy, to the pandemic, to a better life for most. This is my Mission. 

"Bess, keep doing what you're doing!" - Eric Worre

I need your help!

To help everyone in the world to understand Network Marketing! So they know it is an option for them!
So your team can be a force within the Network Marketing profession for this Good. 
Focus their energy to gain Liberty over this pandemic, negative government, naysayers, discouragement, their history, doubt, and fear.
Help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want.

The investment? Was priced at $97/month. Now $57/month. 

I urge you to commit to a year of work and results. This insures you will support your Group for a Year. And receive their support. This is only for the Serious. How much more success will you have if you bring your team? 

Can you afford $564 for A YEAR of success coaching? Can you afford NOT to? Can you 10X or 100X that investment when applying the methods? Did you see the Success Stories? "To get this, I'm gonna cut other expenses that DONT make me money.", one person said. Seriously, what better use of a Stimulus check? 

Never let money be an issue. There is always a way.  

You receive a 50% Affiliate fee in cash when you bring a friend or team member who joins. Bring 2, yours is free! 

Your tax adviser may be able to tell you this is a tax deduction. You know that one of the beauties of Network Marketing is that income has no ceiling. You can give yourself a raise whenever you want to. Investment in yourself yields the highest return of any investment!

Some pay me $12,000 a year for coaching. (Yes, Private Coaching is available for those who want to move fastest.) 

“Bess! After working with you, what once held me no longer does. I’ve got appointments booked day and night toward my launch event! Doing what needs to be done is no longer a chore. The block of worrying about the result is gone. I don’t worry about it anymore.” - Jaymin McDonald , 

“Since our last session I have talked to 10-20 new people a day and signed up 10 new recruits. My team is on fire and opening up in another country! Of all the network marketing teachers, I gravitate to you the most because you FEEL me. You HEAR me. You know what I need, you know my goals, and you say just what I need to hear. I simply cannot get a better coach than you.” ~ Ziga Keber. Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Bess’s coaching very effectively helped resolve recurring personal life issues so I became free to focus on my business. Then we set goals and strategies, increased accountability, and tracked results. It worked tremendously! Since I began working with Bess, my business income has quadrupled!! I attribute this 100% to our work. “ -James Moore, Austin, TX

"Thank you Bess McCarty! Tonight's EXCEL Mastermind was Excellent! I look forward to personally connecting with everyone in this group and supporting each other to take the message of our profession - Network Marketing - to the World." - Joyce Shalkowski
"After last night I posted some things in my story and I reached out to five people in my messenger and I have two people that are interested in a free sample so I'm just so ecstatic of the value that I'm learning from the Excel Mastermind Group." - Lakeisha Lucas-Ramirez
Magical as always!!! We really have some amazing people in this Group. I'm forever thankful to be a part of something so spectacular! - Chance Brown

Once you Commit, Life will Guide you. Guaranteed. 

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