Event Facilitator

Games * Drama * Breakthroughs

Personal Growth For Small Groups or Large Audiences

I facilitate speed coaching with my trademarked 4-step Real Conversations process to break through blocks in 10 minutes. Attendees learn to do this for themselves whenever they get stuck with a problem or challenge.

I facilitate breakthrough processes with individuals (30 to 60 minutes each). The group consciousness both fuels it and learns from it. 

Costumes help us to more easily access parts of ourselves that we want to develop. For example: Women coming into their power in their favorite superhero outfit, each acting her strengths. We can create a skit defeating/shining light on their shadows and finding their gifts. 

Mastermind circles draw out peer leadership advice.

Exercise: Identify personal values in a group and dialogue about them. Participants can take this exercise back to their team.

Participants draw their Leadership Coat of Arms from their favorite four of John Maxwell’s 21 Characteristics of a Leader.

Practice active listening in groups of three with feedback from each.

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