Bios Jeff and Bess

Jeff Gamble

From: Indianapolis, Indiana

Classical Natrupathic Doctor & Owner of 317 Holistic Health

Real Estate Investor & Broker Owner of Meridian Street Realty Group

Creator of the 6 Step DIY Build Fast Credit System a Method to Improve & Increase Your Credit Score

John C Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Owner of My Leadership Network

25 Years in Network Marketing
Personally Recruited Over 500
Built 2 Teams Over 5000 Reps
Awarded Top Recruiter & Top Team Builder in Multiple Companies

Creator of the “DO ME A FAVOR” contacting approach

Martial Artist
MMA & UFC fan

Cat 🐈 dad to 4 amazing fur babies

Bess McCarty has helped hundreds of people, especially women, break through fears and negative beliefs, to upgrade their careers, relationships, and health.

She is best known for her transformational Body Mind coaching with soulful insight from the heart, including inner child work that solves quickly and directly to the missing need.

Private Coach since 1988 for careers, relationships, and health.

Coachs' coach and trainer for 30 years.

Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master since 1991.

Founded the MLM Millionaire Academy, generic school for network marketers in 2010.

Previously full-time award-winning network marketer for years.

Creator, facilitator, and trainer of Real Conversations® self-help method.

Compassionate Communication facilitator.

Currently coaches and facilitates workshops and classes for breakthrough mindset clearing, inner child, teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Speaker, author, healer, minister, mother, grandmother, and martial artist.