Code of Ethics


I commit to be of service to mankind, to respectfully learn their needs and wants, and offer my Network Marketing products, services, and business to help them better their lives.

I keep people’s best interests foremost.

I offer to educate, and help them discover what’s best for themselves, rather than any other motive.

I commit to offer no more information than what they want, and only with their permission.

I use my company’s products regularly, I love them, and I am an ambassador for them.

I maintain a customer base for these products with the best service I can.

I commit to be honest, realistic, and kind, to do all I’ve agreed to do, be the best sponsor I can be, and to respect others’ commitments to their companies.

I give my team every opportunity to teach and lead.

I practice patience, ethics, a positive mindset, and positive talk about people and companies.

I conduct myself professionally at all times.  I am a role-model for my team.

I realize that I am a representative for the Network Marketing profession, online and offline.

I keep my purpose and passion consistent and alive.

I will not record or broadcast people for training purpose or any other, without their permission.

I agree to not recruit in the MLM Millionaire Club. (I won’t ask Club members to join my company or buy my products/services.) I will report to Bess if anyone approaches me as a prospect. I realize that if I approach others I meet in the Club, I will be terminated immediately from the Club with no refund. Thank you for respecting your Club members.