Curriculum in the MLM Millionaire Club

This is our 1 Year Generic Curriculum (below). Everything you and your team need to succeed in your network marketing business! It is constantly being updated. Every time you all go though it, you get the next deeper level you are ready for.

You can see the first part of the year is Skills practice and training, especially with Eric’s Worre’s book: Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

The second part of the year is Mindset,  with Bess’s trademarked Real Conversations process to clear mental blocks, especially fear.

Here is a message from Eric Worre about the value of Practice in network marketing:  “I’m going to devote some time to practice. I’m want to become world class at the 7 skills of network marketing. I gonna learn it and teach it to other people. I’m gonna become one of the best in the world!” ~

This is exactly what we do in the MLM Millionaire Club: We drill, train, role-play and practice one month on each of the 7 skills in Eric’s book, so you can get your skills up to a level 10!

Practice in the Club is especially valuable because you get feedback from peers, Bess, and MLM Millionaires. Nothing shortens your learning curve faster! That’s why the Club is the premier ongoing support and practice in this profession! Make more money sooner! ~ This is for all companies. We enforce a strict no-recruiting policy in the Club.

How much time will it take? 10-30 minutes a week. This is our Club Culture, simple as ABC:
1) ACT: Read the weekly “Minute to Millions” Club Lessons and put one money-making idea into action.
2) BUILD: Show your business to 2 new people a day and use our “2 A Day” accountability system.
3) CALL: Call into the live, interactive Club Teleclasses to role play and practice Eric’s Go Pro book, and clear your mindset with Bess’s Real Conversations process. Of course, much more awaits you in the Club!

Also check out your Past Teleclass Audios  for members on all these topics!

Getting Started Bonus Module
1) How to Use the Club: Members Page
2) MLM Millionaire Club Code of Ethics
3) How to Choose an MLM Company
4) Get Your WHY
5) Set Your Goals
6) Design Your Game Plan
7) Know the 4 Personalities
8) How to Show Your Business to “2 A Day”
9) Skills Tools: “Always Get a YES!” + Workbook for Eric Worre’s Go Pro book
10) Mindset: Upgrade it with Bess’s trademarked Real Conversations method

January – Your Prospect Funnel
1) New Year Steps
2) Get Your Prospect Funnel
3) Pre-Recruit Idea
4) Let Tools Do the Talking

February – Where to Find Prospects
1) Online and Lifestyle
2) Networking and Referrals
3) Speaking and Expos
4) Leads and Calling on Businesses

March – How to Invite
1) Favor + 8 Step Invite
2) More Tips: FORD, Empathy, and 4 Personalities
3) Recruiting Tool: 34 Reasons MLM is Perfect for This Economy
4) Icebreakers

April – How to Present
1) Practice Presenting
2) Use Stories and Testimonials  to Sell for You
3) Write Your Compelling Product and Business Stories
4) 3 Way Calls

May – How to Follow Up
1) Practice Followup with Eric Worre’s Go Pro Book
2) Turn Objections into Gold
3) How to Get Referrals
4) The 4 Personality Types

June – How to Sign ‘Em Up
1) Practice Closing with Eric Worre’s Go Pro Book
2) Ask the Right Closing Questions
3) My Favorite Closers
4) More Hot Closing Tips

July – How to Start ‘Em Right
1) Practice with Eric Worre’s Go Pro Book
2) Your Starting Checklist
3) Generate Success Soon
4) How to Grow Leaders

August – How to Fill Events
1) Practice with Eric Worre’s Go Pro Book
2) Scripts to Invite to Events
3) Easily Create an Event
4) How to Network at Events

September – The MLM Millionaire Mindset
1) Think Like a Top-Earner
2) Behave Like a Top-Earner
3) Life Balance
4) Clear Doubt, Fear, and Negative Beliefs

October – Clear Blocks w/ Real Conversations
1) The 4 Steps of Real Conversations
2) How to Coach Yourself and Your Team
3) Clear Negative Beliefs
4) Overcome Discouragement

November – Communications Skills
1) Communicate Like a Pro
2)Overcome MLM Stigma
3) How to Deal with Difficult People
4) Body Reading

December – Working for Yourself
1) Holiday Prospecting
2) Time Management
3) Stress Management
4) Handling the Downside of MLM

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