Double Your Business Workshop

Hi, I’m Bess McCarty, coach for network marketers.

Your sponsor has arranged for you a special workshop to double your business!

Network marketers two toughest questions are:
1) Where do I find people to talk to? 2) What do I say?

In this workshop you will learn:

* You are surrounded by people who need you.

* 3 simple words to easily start a business conversation anywhere with anyone

* A followup phrase that literally eliminates rejection

* A simple trick to find the best distributors best distributors fastest and easiest, so you know where to spend your time that makes you the most money!

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“Thanks Bess it was a pleasure to speak with you on the Club call. I used some of the tips today, and now have 2 new potential promoters and a customer in 2 short hours! Thanks for everything!” – Steven Scagnett, MLM Millionaire Club Member

“Everything has been going REALLY REALLY good! I utilized what you told me on the call. I called my past contacts. 6/6 of them have signed on with me today to work with me in my business! – Aimee Nguyen, MLM Millionaire Club Member

“Thanks Bess… it was a great call and fantastic tips… Networking at it’s finest…” ~ Tracy Baker, MLM Millionaire Club member

“What an awesome coaching for my entire downline! Wish we had more time with you. People were really satisfied, and left the meeting with motivation on top. Thank you with all of my heart! This is something I recommend to everyone in MLM.”~ Helle Birkehoj, LifeWave, MLM Millionaire Club member

“Thanks Bess, I really enjoyed your teleclass. I go back and look at my notes multiple times a day. It gives me even more motivation to do more than before. I recommend it to everyone!” ~ Anginetta Walker, Organo Gold