Email Invite Your Team to the Club

Now that you’ve joined the MLM Millionaire Coaching Club, and get to have affordable coaching for your success in your business, pass this favor on to your downline.


Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and get a motivated, producing downline for your business, at no cost to you? What if you could provide each of your distributors their own affordable breakthrough coach at no cost to you?

You can! Copy and paste this email to your team:

Hi Everyone,

I am in a wonderful coaching Club for Network Marketers.

You know how you want to build your business, but get frustrated and stuck and you may not know why? Or you don’t get results very fast, and feel like giving up?

Well, there’s a lady in this club who is good at coaching people past those things. She’s a Body Mind expert who also had a full-time, award-winning Network Marketing business as a single mom. Now she helps other MLM families. Her specialty is quickly finding out why you get stuck, and finally breaking past this to where you want to be! She teaches skills AND mindset. You need both to succeed.

A lot of Network Marketers wanted her to coach them, but couldn’t afford a thousand dollars a month.

So she created this coaching club for only $25! 

Why Join?

* Shorten your learning curve. Make more money sooner. Research shows the average person makes 5 times back what they invest in coaching. Learn how to find people, what to say, and how to find the time. They practice role-playing on the calls!

* Save yourself from overwhelm. The Club synthesizes a ton of MLM info out there for you into an “MLM digest” and points you to the best resources.

* Pre-Paid Coaching! It’s the place to handle mental blocks (80% of success) like fears, limiting beliefs, and procrastination as soon as they come up.

* Ongoing Support for you. Get a break from your sponsor’s voice! 🙂

* Delegate coaching your downline to the Club at no cost to you!

* You might want to take 5 minutes now and check it out. It may be the best thing you do for your business: 

Good Job!
(Your Sponsor)

You may want to send this to your downline right now – this may be the most important business action you take this year!

Good Job!

Helping You to a Better Life!
Bess McCarty, MLM Millionaire Club

Executive. Business. Life Coach
*Network Marketing Coach*