Email Invite Your Team to the Workshop

Dear Network Marketer, Here is a sample of an email you can copy and paste to invite your downline to their Workshop. I recommend sending it several times,  announcing it on your regular calls with them, and letting them know why you like it. ~ OH! And sign up as anMLM Millionaire Club affiliate (free and easy). Then YOU get $4 every month for each of your referrals, and THEY get a $2 discount each month off their $25 membership! ~ Bess

Hi Team!

You know how you may be out and around all kinds of people, and you’re talking with them, but you can’t quite figure out how to bring the conversation around to your business? You don’t want to sound weird, so you end up saying nothing, and walk away frustrated? Gosh! How will you ever get your business off the ground?

It is an art that gets better with practice. But let’s make it easier for you and shortcut your learning curve with tips from an expert!

Bess McCarty, MLM Millionaire Coach, has a special workshop for you to answer your toughest questions:
1) Where do I find people to talk to?   2) What do I say?

You’ll learn:

* You are surrounded by people who need you.

* 3 simple words to easily start a business conversation anywhere with anyone

* A followup phrase that literally eliminates rejection

* A simple trick to find the best distributors best distributors fastest and easiest, so you know where to spend your time that makes you the most money!

This is also the simplest way to duplicate, and solve the problem of not enough time.

This is ALL in this workshop, which can save you 6-12 months of experimenting, and the thousands of dollars you could have made in that time, and the all the work that didn’t make you money!

Check it out here:

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This stuff WORKS!! ~ See you on the workshop!

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