EXCEL – Craft Your Opportunity Story

Write Your Business Opportunity Story!

1. What is your background? (profession, job)

2. Tell 3 things you didn't like about your background (Spend time here, this is the most important part that people will identify with: your pain. Elaborate with some details on one and how you FELT.)

3. Tell us the solution you discovered and the difference it made. (Call it a business, not network marketing yet.)

4. Tell how you FEEL now about the future. (excited, relieved, hopeful about dreams, direction, plan)

Your story can be 30-seconds to 2 minutes, depending on where you share it, and expanded longer for a Facebook Live, the stage, or opportunity meeting if time allows.

The reason we keep it to ideally about a minute, is so we don’t overwhelm the person we are casually sharing it with in conversation.

If it is a minute, it can also be used at the beginning of your 10 Minute Presentation (see p. 5-12 http://tinyurl.com/y3ogvyar), or as a lead in to the Presentation.

You can also make a video of it with your phone, and post it on your social media and our MLM Millionaire Academy Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/136161079885971. Let's give each other feedback for their story under their post! What we like, what we can suggest to improve.

You can write a story also just about your product/service, using these same steps.

Have Fun!!  Stretch yourself! 🙂  I'm proud of you!