Followup Scripts


The goal of a Followup contact is to schedule the next one.  The goal outcome for every prospect is 1) they sign up, 2) they become a customer, or 3) they give you a referral. Then file them to be in touch later.  Life will change for them in time, and you can be there to help where needed.

Always use these to follow up on invitation scripts, as described in Eric Worre’s Go Pro book.

Here’s an email script to send the link they said they want: (could be shorter in a text)

“Bill, it was a pleasure speaking with you. I’d love to help you get the additional income that you need to live the life that you and your loved ones deserve, and get paid what you’re worth.  Here is the link you asked for: ______________

As promised, I’ll touch base with you tomorrow around 7:00 PM. I have a limited number of people I can work with at this time, and far more applicants than spaces. I hope to give you the chance to be one of them.

Sincerely, Bess McCarty

P.S. “If I wouldn’t have gotten started in this company 5 years ago my life wouldn’t have changed a whole lot, but I’m so happy and grateful I made the right decision because now my life and my family’s life will never ever be the same. I hope you make the right decision.” – Jose Ardon $5,000,000 annual earner in (your company). (former AC repairman)


When you talk the next day:

“Hello Mrs. Jones, have you had a chance to watch the link I sent? … What did you like best? … Yes, that makes so much sense! Would you like to learn  more about that? … If I sent you a 20 minute video that shows you more of that (or answers the exact questions you just asked), would you watch it?” … Etc.

Alternate script:  After saying “Hello Mrs. Jones, have you had a chance to watch the link I sent? … What did you like best? … ” “On scale of 1-10, how ready are you to get started right away? What concerns do you have that I can help you with?”

Alternate script:  After saying “Hello Mrs. Jones, have you had a chance to watch the link I sent? … What did you like best? … ” Ray Higdon then says,  “Sounds to me like you are ready to join.”  If they have questions, you can say, “That is a great question, and I can tell you are serious.”  Then schedule a 3-way call.


Here’s a script for when you call back at the agreed upon time, and there is no answer:

“Hello Mrs. Jones, this is Bess McCarty, calling at 9 am today as promised. Have you had a chance to watch the link I sent? I think you’ll LOVE it! If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll call you tomorrow at 9 am. So you can… (reach the goals you told me about).  Have a great day!”

Next day: “Hi Mrs. Jones, this is Bess.  I hope all is OK with you. Please give me a call when you get a chance. And if this is something you are not interested in, please let me know, as we both value our time. But I would hate for you to miss out on something you might love, because I really want to help you get what you said you want.” I would then text them the same message.

48 hours later:  “Hi, this is Bess, Mrs. Jones. I haven’t heard from you, so I’ll remove you from my list.  I will not be calling you again on this, and I wish you all the best for your future.”  (You will get a call back this time from the interested people.)


Here’s a script for if they watch a tool you send,  and then say, “I’m not interested.”

“I respect that, Mrs. Jones.  I’m just curious, may I ask, what about what you saw led you to believe it’s not a good fit for you?”

This may open the door to discussion of something that can be solved for them.

When that has gone as far as it can, and they still say no (for now) ask for a referral, “Who do you know…”


Remember: Every communication should mention their goals, their Why! So you can help them keep their focus on what they want, and how to get it!


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