For Helle’s Team

A Workshop for Helle Birkehoj’s Life Wave Team

“How to Clear the Top 10 Mental Blocks to Success”

Helle’s Clinic ~ Thursday, September 6, 8:00 pm ~ (Follows her 7:00 Team Meeting)

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Do you believe in a better life for you and your family? Can you see and feel it now?
Or do you have dreams that you gave up on years ago? Because you think you can’t have them?

Come and let’s clean out old beliefs that don’t help you!

With my 20 year background in psychology (psychology is 80% of success) this is exactly what I help people do:
allow the picture of their dreams to become real!

After all, what your camera focuses on is what picture it will make you. Your mind is like that camera.

Everyone has some mental blocks. We will use my simple 4 Step Real Conversations® process to clear each block! You will find and meet the need under each block to harness the power of its positive opposite and break through to your goals!

Real Conversations® is a simple process about loving ourselves enough to listen to our own needs and respond to them. It is a proven, practical 4-step system that takes us quickly and directly to the key for breakthrough!

When we unlock the secret to our next level, step, or goal, it’s because we’ve touched into a core, primal, God-given need. We know it, because it’s alive, vibrant, and real! When we respond to it, that’s an act of love. It always propels us forward.

Real Conversations is reported by those who use it to work quickly, directly, and powerfully.

“Bess helped me break through my toughest roadblocks, find alternative actions, and then reach Executive District Manager! I now have a plan to follow. Real Conversations really cuts out all the BS. It allows me to get to the root of my problem.” – Debbie Brown, Independent Arbonne Consultant, www.DeborahBrown.myArbonne

“I have known Bess for many years. She has been a tremendous help in clearly defining my goals, staying focused, and tracking progress, just to name a few skills she’s helping me build or refine. And this month I achieved the Executive Trainer position in my company! ” – Rich McCoy, San Diego, California,

It will be my pleasure to speak with you from the U.S. on Skype on September 6 at Helle’s Clinic.

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See you soon!
With Love,

Bess McCarty, MLM Millionaire Club

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