FREE Workshop for Your Team: “How to Always Get a Yes!”


“Bess, what happens when you hit a wall? This can’t be this hard.”

That’s exactly why I created this Workshop! “How to Always Get a Yes!”

Are you looking for a way to boost your team in the quickest way possible? To help them get over fear and procrastination? To turn this profession into fun? Then you may want my free very special 30-minute workshop for your team: “How to Always Get a Yes!” when they invite people to look at their product and business!

I’m offering this free workshop (a $500 value) because so many network marketers are stuck: not sure of themselves, don’t know how to talk to people, scared they won’t be liked, or will be rejected or judged. Like my friend who asked, “Bess, what happens when you hit a wall?” Have you heard this too? Or ever felt like this?

Perhaps this has cost you and your team members a lot of money that you could have made by now! Let alone peace of mind, stress, sleepless nights, or quality family time.

I know how this feels. I was so shy as a kid, that I would hide in my room when company came over! BUT I learned how to talk with people, and even went door to door with my network marketing business full time for years, won awards and trips, and became a speaker and teacher in this profession!

So I want to help your team too. I want to give them my tool to talk with people easily and always get a YES! I want to help a light to go off for them, where they say, “Aha! Of course! I can do this! This is simple! This is natural! And people like it! And people like me when I do it!”

So they can look forward to getting up every day, eager to talk with people like this. I want to help them have so much fun with this, that they can’t help themselves! That they naturally invite people to their business everywhere they go. And, without even noticing it, their business grows itself because they are doing this all the time and loving it!

For me to do something, it has to be fun. I have to love it. And people feel that and are attracted. It’s a win/ win!

To learn more about my FREE generic Workshop for your team, “Always Get a YES!” go to  and get the free video there. Then call me at (512) 569-1139 and let me know what you think of it, and if you have questions about getting this free workshop!  (There is NO sales pressure for your team on the workshop. 🙂 )

If you want this training, but do not yet have a team, just forward this to your upline. You will be included in their Workshop! ~ I help with the promo. 🙂


“The Workshop was great! Very helpful. My team loved it.”
~ Chris Brehaut, Houston, Texas

P.S. – We keep meeting so many people and it’s keeping us very busy. Been practicing empathy each time!! We are making deep connections with people and becoming known as spreaders of love. We are attracting like minded people.”


“Honestly! I was at a loss for what to do!  I really appreciate what this did for some of my team! I know with this momentum I can reach more members and engage them more than ever before! Just based on the results from today! Thank you so much for everything!” ~ Naomi Curtis, Lethbridge, Canada


“I’ve become much more empathic and I listen more since the Always Get a YES! Workshop. I now have guidelines in my head how to respond after I listen.” ~ Jennifer Ford, Japan


“Thank you!!!! The team found it valuable.” ~ Jessica McKinley, East Setauket, New York


“Bess demonstrated, with plenty of empathy and a couple of stories, how to get someone dead set against taking a look at our products to do so AND, possibly, the business…. Someone who said she’d already tried a number of products that were suppose to work and didn’t and felt one more would have the same results. This person also said that she had no money to try the money back guarantee. Still, Bess connected with this individual and steered her to want to get in the game. It was seamless and I’m excited!” ~ Zenobia Bailey


Want an overview of how it goes?

1) Schedule 2 weeks out: Free Always Get a YES! workshop, 30 (-60) minutes / video/phone option

2) I send you 5 emails to send out over the 2 weeks w/ your date on it. Edit if you like. Talk it up, mention the benefits: more results, more fun, more confidence, YES’s! (see email points) The emails send them to (There you can see that 20 minute free video they get.)

3) At the Workshop: we do 2 role-plays to demo and practice. It’s fun and alive!! 🙂 At end, I tell where they can get more to master this and quadruple their results: My Always Get a YES! e-book (30 minute read) I send them to for the $17 book and a group session with me (normally $95). Includes 75% discount to my school, where they can keep learning after that.


I am a generic network marketing coach, not in any mlm company. Although I was an award-winning full-time network marketer for years, I am now dedicated solely and permanently to teaching and coaching  network marketers, as I have for 12 years now. I completely support your company and upline methods, and enforce a strict “No Recruit” policy in my school, the MLM Millionaire Club. ~ Bess McCarty