The Ghost of Network Marketing Future

The Ghost of Network Marketing Future
A 10-minute Film to Inspire Network Marketers to Make Their Calls

Mission of this film: Help 1 billion network marketers train, motivate, and remind themselves of the mission they came to this life to do, tripling the reach of this profession. I see it as being a public YouTube totally free for everyone to use and share, translated worldwide, shown at every network marketing event, a resounding battle cry for changing the world.

It will motivate network marketers to make their calls by showing them 2 very different possible outcomes. It will be a dreamlike setting like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol: It must move them, make them cry, and open their hearts. It is necessary to motivate them.


show minutes .33 to 1:06 (if legal to show it)

Click! Show Karen, sitting on a couch, leaned forward pointing a remote at the camera through a frame (TV). She clicks the remote off and leans back on the couch. A clock in the background says 9 am.
“OK. That is NOT me!!” She holds up her phone and a stack of business cards and says with willpower, “I have these 23 business cards from my networking group, and I’m going to call them today and tell them about my business. And I’m gonna say, (reading a script stiffly) ‘Would you be open to hearing about a way to make additional income?’ “

She is scared, but keeps trying to talk herself into it, resolutely, “I can do this. There’s nothing to it. I won’t DIE. If they say NO, I won’t take it personally.”

“Well, they could laugh at me. Or yell at me to quit wasting their time with vitamins. Don’t I know they’re more important than that? … Silly vitamins… Silly Me!”

“Or they could think I’m dumb for buying into a scam. They might start avoiding me at the network group meetings. They could tell others to stay away from me so they won’t get targeted too. I may end up at a table all alone at our luncheons because no one will sit with me.”

“Or they might join my business and not do anything with it and lose their $400 startup fee and spread the word that I’m a con artist who sucked them into a scam!”

“Then they’ll probably throw me out of the group. The word will spread. No other groups in town will have me either. I may have to leave town to be able to hold my head up again in the grocery store. “

Karen sinks in to the couch, head down, hands over her head.

“NO!!” She stands up defiantly. “My sponsor said this won’t happen. It’s just my fear! Running away with me! I CAN make these calls! I WILL make these calls!”

A little more demure, “…just as soon as I clean the cat litter…” She walks out, leaving phone and cards on the coffee table. <CUT>

Walks back in, clock on wall says 10 am. “NOW I call! … Wait! Here’s a text from my neighbor… cat’s up a tree again… can I bring over my ladder? Well, of course!” Leaves phone on table and walks out. <CUT>

Walks back in, clock says 11 am. Picks up phone, begins to dial one, stops. Sighs. “You know what would help me get my mindset right, is reading some Tony Robbins. Leans back, picks up book beside the table. Opens, reads his new book… <CUT>

Clock now says noon. “Yep! That did it! He’s definitely right! I can DO this! … But not on an empty stomach. Tony wouldn’t want me to go hungry. I’d better have lunch first.” <CUT>

Clock says 1:00. “That was good. Now I’m ready. Although a little sleepy… (yawns). Oh my goodness, it’s 1:00 and I still haven’t checked my Facebook messages! Better do that real quick here…” <CUT>

Clock says 4:00. “That feels good to get done. Oh, the kids are coming in! Hi! How was your day? Hungry? I’ll make you something… Then I better get in a load of laundry and get something out for dinner…” <CUT>

Clock says 7:30. “I can make some calls now… Help you with your school project? I guess that’s more important…” <CUT>

Clock says 9:30. “Hmm, too late to call anyone tonight. I didn’t call ANYone today! Oh well, I got other important stuff done, and what’s one more day? There’s always tomorrow! Better turn in so I have energy for these calls tomorrow.” <CUT>

In bed, snuggling in on her side, says over her shoulder, “Good night, Honey.” Closes her eyes, light darkens, 3 seconds later, a light brightens! She frowns, opens her eyes, and starts! Bolts to sitting, clutches blanket up to her eyes, scared of the apparition before her.

“What?!! Who are you? Honey!!” Calls to her husband, but keeps her eyes on the Ghost. “There’s somebody in here!”

Ghost: “He can’t see me. I’m here just for you. (pause) I’m the Ghost of Your Network Marketing Future.” (Ghost is a wise man in shimmering gold and white.)

Karen: “This can’t be! I don’t believe in ghosts! Go away! You don’t exist! Honey!!”

Ghost: “I DO exist. Because of your fears, you have summoned me here tonight. Because of your fears, I MUST show you your future. We have no choice. Come! Come with me to your future!”

Ghost holds out his hand, Karen freezes, Ghost takes her hand gently and firmly, leads her out of the room, barefoot in her nightgown. <CUT>

Strong wind as they fly into the future, into the wind and blinding white light. (4 seconds)

They arrive in a hospital. A family is gathered around the bed of a young boy, completely attentive to a brilliant doctor, who says, “The operation was a complete success. The tumor removed, this boy can expect a long and healthy life.” The family cries and hugs him.

Karen “This is beautiful! Do I know the doctor? He looks so familiar.”

Ghost: “The doctor is your son. Because of the success of your network marketing business, you were able to send him to medical school to realize his dream of becoming a doctor. This is the 11th life he’s saved.”

Karen “My son!! That’s wonderful!” (tearing up) “I can’t imagine losing a son. It would have brought me to my knees. But these people look so happy!” (They are hugging the doctor.)

Ghost: “Yes! Come! I must show you more!” <CUT>

A middle –aged lady is watching a woman speaking on TV.

Ghost: “This is Sonya Farley. You sponsored her in your company. She raised three children as a single mother, and was able to move out of a ghetto, thanks to you sharing your business with her. Her children also did well in the business, and one became the congresswoman you see now on television, an advocate for the rights of network marketing entrepreneurs in this country.”

Karen (mesmerized) “Wow, really?”

Ghost: “Come!” <CUT>

Now they are on a football field where a man is coaching high school football.

Karen: “That’s Bob! My neighbor who has MS! He’s older, but he can walk again!”

Ghost: “You finally got the courage to tell him about your products. They helped his MS symptoms when the doctors had given him no hope. Now he’s a coach, inspiring these young men to have pride in themselves and to excel in their lives.” “Come.” <CUT>

Now they see a stage at a convention of her company. A young man is receiving a trophy. “Thank you, Linda James, for sponsoring me in your business and telling me to never to give up. Because of you, I was able to finance the expensive experimental treatment that eventually saved my sister’s life. How can you ever begin to thank someone for that?”

Ghost: “This young man is in your downline, several lines under the friend you sponsored: Your husband’s ex-co-worker who was in foreclosure, and was able to save his house, thanks to sharing your business. You almost didn’t talk to him, but finally did, and he joined you. What you didn’t know at the time, was that he was so depressed and filled with shame, that he was contemplating suicide because of not being able to take care of his family after yet another lay-off.”

Karen shocked: “Oh my gosh. I had NO idea!”

Ghost: “So many people out there are in trouble. They’re stressed out about …. retirement….or..student loans. Do you know how many moms would give anything to be able to stay home with their kids? You have a solution. You have the ability to throw them a life-line! ~ You have just seen the results of one fork in the road of your future: The one where you made those calls. Now it is time to show you the other fork. Where you DIDN’T. It will be intense. Prepare yourself.” <CUT>

A graveyard funeral.

Ghost: “It was a young woman: the sister of the young man who you saw on the stage. He never made it to that stage, because he never got into your business. His upline never learned about network marketing: the one whose house was in foreclosure. He did commit suicide.”

Karen gasps. She can hardly take this in.

Ghost, compassionately, “Come.” <CUT>

A dark street, two men exchanging money for drugs in the shadows.

Ghost: “This is one of the young men who would have been coached by your neighbor, Bob, if Bob had been able to walk again. It turns out this young man went down a dark road, and his future doesn’t look so good.”

Karen is in shock.

Ghost: “You can guess what that future may be. Come.” <CUT>

The scene is a ghetto room. A middle-aged woman rocks in her chair. She is crying.
Ghost: “It’s Sonya Farley. She’s very worried about her daughter (the one that would have become a congresswoman). She has known for some time she was a prostitute. Karen wishes she had an answer for her daughter. But she too feels hopeless against the many blows of life here. She knows no other way to support herself.”

Karen: “This is unbelievable. I’m having a hard time bearing this.” (crumbles on the ground)

Ghost compassionately takes her hand: “I must show you one more of the consequences of this fork.” <CUT>

Back to the hospital where they started: the family that was overjoyed is now overcome with grief as they watch the young boy dying.

Ghost: “You realize your brilliant son settled. He decided that his dreams of being a doctor were just too unrealistic and out of his reach. Those 11 lives he saved? Not here on this fork of the road. One was the mother of 5 children. One was a man who would have found a cure for a very rare type of bone cancer, which would have saved 168 people’s lives in his lifetime and thousands more in the future. Another was…”

Karen sobbing weakly: “STOP! I can’t bear anymore!!! I get the message! PLEASE take me back! No more!!”

The Ghost gently puts her arm around her and guides her through the fog until they disappear. <CUT>

Ghost: “The outcome? Karen asked for help…she overcame her fears… and she made those calls. ALL the wonderful things that resulted from her choosing the positive fork in the road, came to pass. And more: hundreds of people dramatically improved their health as a result of using Karen’s nutritional supplements, one man created a new life in network marketing after being released from prison, over 2,000 children got to grow up and have their parents’ home with them, 45 students paid off student loans quickly, and 134 retirees afforded a better quality of life. And the results are STILL generating miracles, because as you know a growing network marketing business always creates a ripple effect that just keeps going!”


The Ghost walks away, and we see, where he was, a sign that says:

Truth or Fiction?
You decide.


© Copyright 2015 Bess McCarty. All rights reserved.