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Experience Healing the Past.
How will it change Your Life?

Revealing, Releasing and Re-educating Faulty Childhood Learning
Facilitator: Bess McCarty, Holistic Health Practitioner

Have you ever had the experience of knowing there was a problem area in your life and maybe even knowing what to do about it, yet when it came down to actually making the change the old pattern just kept coming back? This is the subconscious part of the mind in conflict with the logical, or intellectual part. Here lies the need for Healing the Past.

Both science and spiritual teachings agree that we are creatures of learning. The basic, formative beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world are imprinted in the first few years of our childhood learning – up to approximately age six. This is the subconscious part of our mind; it is also known as prelogic since the logical faculties do not come until about age 7.

After about age 6 the logical aspect of our mind develops and we have intellect. This allows us to analyze, evaluate, and perform functions that require logic. After age 6 we could deduce that our learning was faulty. It was unlikely that we made major changes. We were with our primary teachers, mom and dad, for many years after 6. It was seldom they would allow us to really change. Consequently we become internally conflicted.

Our subconscious beliefs tell us things are one way, our intellect tells us they are another. The subconscious is bound to triumph. It is based on innumerable experiences imprinted in our nervous and muscular systems. The intellect is mainly theory. Though it may be a very convincing theory it seldom has the influence that our subconscious experience has. To compound the problem we are loyal to our subconscious and our mom and dad because without the intellect we could not question the learning we adopted.

Until we unravel the learning of the subconscious childhood years we seldom can have a natural, healthy life. After age 6 most of us were taught to rely on our intellect to guide our life. The intellect would take the current experience and weigh out the logical pluses and minuses. At the same time the subconscious would take the experience and relate it to the 1000’s of experiences of prelogical childhood. Though the intellect may appear to be in control, we actually follow or rebel against the subconscious. Conflict and intellectual confusion are the typical results. Healing the Past is an opportunity to re-educate the subconscious.


How it Works…

1. First an Initial Questionnaire is completed. This is an 18 page written assignment and takes from 6 -8 hours. A 1 – 2 hour feedback audio is then made by Bess on the material.

2. Next the participants make a written list of faulty childhood learning adopted in prelogic. This uses a 17 page catalog of negative traits, moods, and admonitions and takes 4 – 6 hours.

3. Then specific scenes involving faulty learning with mother are accessed The goal is to remember one scene per year beginning with the womb and going to puberty. A variety of methods are available to insure remembering. Unless there has been pathology or destruction of nerve cells, memory is still intact. This takes 4 -6 hours.

4. The scenes are then written in a specific format. Along with the scene the participant chooses from the list in step 2 the six most appropriate negative traits and four most appropriate silent admonitions that apply.

5. Bess then gives the participant a 1 – 2 hour feedback audio on the scenes relating to mother as a faulty teacher. This feedback usually produces major shifts in awareness and readies the participant for the next step.

6. In this step the participants do six release sessions for the above material with mother. The goal of this step is to release specific learning. This is a very physical step that involves beating and yelling. This is necessary to access the learning in all aspects of our physiology, to make the energetic shift that discharges the faulty body-mind learning, and replaces it with functional truth, and thereby becomes healing.

7. Steps 3 through 6 are repeated for the faulty childhood-learning with father.

8. The first 7 steps are to release and replace the faulty learning. It is unlikely that all the faulty learning will be replaced. What can and does happen is that the major control of the past is gone. The subconscious is now known. Awareness and choice are now available. After a completion release process to do any final releasing of current or future material, the participants do a number of guided exercises for forgiveness.

The last phase of the work is to bring the Inner Child and the Adult Intellect into peaceful and cooperative coexistence. This is truly the key to all of the work.

The training ends with a closure process that is actually the beginning of a new and positive re-education for the Inner Child.

Experience Healing the Past.
How will it change Your Life?

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