Heart-Centered Selling Webinar

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“Heart-Centered Selling for Network Marketers”

At the end of this webinar, I offer you a bonus, good for 48 hours. I have extended that as a permanent bonus. Because this is a must-have for serious network marketers! To join us in the MLM Millionaire Club and get your bonus, just go here http://www.mlmmillionaireclub.com/join-the-club/


Want to attract people to you with ease and without being pushy or salesy?
Without feeling empty and drained after each call? Without worrying you are intruding?
Do you want to make your business BOOM and grow your team with integrity?
Without feeling dirty and shameful and wonder, “What the heck am I doing?”


A million-dollar network marketing business DOES NOT have to be manipulative and salesy.  It can be caring and helpful. But most people don’t know how to sell with their heart and bring who they really are into the selling.


If you don’t learn this, then you will think they MUST go together, and you WILL feel yucky and dirty, like you are selling your soul. You will yearn for relief and quit. Because you don’t want to feel that way. You’ll sever yourself from sales. Or you will avoid making calls in some way. Or settle for a 9-5 JOB. It’s better than feeling empty and alienating friends! Then the dream of network marketing doesn’t happen for you. Yet you STILL don’t feel truly secure in a JOB!


Don’t spend your life in regret. Learn the loving way to reach out to people, feel great, and have them WANTING to hear about your business! For the simple reason that you genuinely care. How? The only way to do it is Heart-Centered Selling. Through listening and asking the right questions, in a way that opens hearts and is a true service:

1) Get your motivation.
2) Get them WANTING to hear about your business.
3) Clear any psychological blocks.
4) Know the 4 types of people.

This is not a fast-paced webinar with info quickly thrown at you. It is a thoughtful experience designed to actually CHANGE you.. Come prepared to take notes, think, and let the changes sink in. So you can have more sales and signups for your business! And enjoy it all!

Bess McCarty, Coach for Network Marketers, Business, and Life, gets you past those stuck places in your business, because of her specialties: clearing your mindset blocks and upgrading your skills! The MLM Millionaire Club does all this, and is a good support for personal growth, training and tips. Learn how to talk to people, overcome your fears, and train others to do that too. Check it out! http://www.MLMMillionaireClub.com