How to Create a 10 Minute Presentation

How to Create a 10 Minute Presentation, by Jeffrey David Gamble

Use only company-compliant info.

5 Key Areas

1. The Company
2. The Need
3. The Product(s)
4. The Compensation
5. The Timing and The Talent

Each area needs about half a dozen points

1. The Company
1. Who started it
2. Why did they start it
3. When did they start it
4. Where did they start it or is it located
5. How much is it producing

2. The Need
1. Who needs it
2. Why do they need it
3. When do they need it
4. Where is it needed most
5. How much is needed

3. The Product(s)
1. What is the Product or Product line
2. Why your products vs others
3. Who is using them and why
4. How would someone buy

4. The compensation
1. What are the different kinds of compensation
2. How do you earn your money back
3. When is it paid out
4. Who can you introduce them to that is doing well
5. Where can they find the details if they need more info

5. The Timing and The Talent
1. Why this
2. Why now

3. Why not you