How to Invite the 4 Personalities

Did you know that there are 4 main personality types?
Do you think it would help you to know them? And know how to talk to each type so you get more positive responses?

Here’s an audio for you, “4 Personality Types”.

Which type are you? Which type is your prospect?
This description comes from the DISC personality assessment:

Dominant Type (14% of people)
They like to get results, control, decide, direct, & solve. They are impatient, strong-willed, quick, & impulsive. The way to work with them is to talk fast with them, stay focused, use bullet points, let them lead, let them think it’s their idea, and expect fast decisions.

Influencer Type (29% of people)
They like fun, entertainment, recognition, and enthusiasm. They are optimistic, expressive, outgoing, persuasive, & arbitrary. The way to work with them is to make it fun, colorful, humorous, entertaining and creative. simplify details and expect fast decisions.

Steady Type (38%)
They like predictable, consistent, calm, & unemotional. They are stable, cooperative, diplomatic, & good listeners. The way to work with them is to provide research, be patient, expect slow decisions (and loyalty), check back, and ask, “What would it take for you to know if this is for you?”

Conscientious Type (19%)
They like facts, data, rules, regulation, structure. They are analytical, orderly, accurate, correct planners. The way to work with them is to provide lots of facts, be patient, expect slow decisions, and use words like: “It’s logical…”, “It’s a fact…”, “Research proves…”

In other words, be like them!! Get on their wavelength, adopt their words, speed & style, even mirror their body language. They will say, “I don’t know why, but I LIKE this person (you)!” They will feel a rapport with you. We LIKE people who are like US!

If your company produces tools for you to teach about your company, it’s best if it appeals to all 4 types.  No one is all one type. We are a mixture of all four. But we are predominantly one.  Which do you think you are? You can also take the DISC personality tests online. (For those curious or Conscientious folks!)

Anyway, watch how this knowledge of the 4 types will smooth and energize your invitations!

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