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Inner Guidance Class Archives

Divine Downloads For Tough Decisions 5-2-24
How do you find your own answers and truth amidst the confusion of social media, marketers, advisors and everywhere? So many people claim to have the answer for you! How does your inner guidance reach you through all that?  You will hear stories: Dolly Parton, 20 Years in Prison, Surgery Gifts, Steam Room Answers, and More...

💜Real Conversations For Inner Guidance 4-4-24
Rea Conversations with ourselves can help us tune in to our Inner Guidance via our feelings and needs. You will hear stories: My Floral Teacher, Ask For Archangels, Bird on My Shoulder, Dad's Leaving, The Naughty Boys, And More...

💜How Can I Recognize My Inner Guidance? 3-7-24
Just what does inner guidance look like? Feel like? Sound like? How do I know if I’ve had an inner guidance experience? It can come in as: nudges, dreams, feelings, body sensations, voices, spiritual coincidences... You will hear stories: 65 Year Old in a Bikini!, What NOT to Do, Near Death Experience, How My Kidney Failure Was a Blessing, How Am I Still Alive? And More... (1st half is intros, 2nd half is content.)

💜The Open Heart Opens Inner Guidance 2-1-24
We did not get a replay for this one. Here are the highlights:  We discussed that problems and challenges are how we grow spiritually. But fear is a choice! Not a given. And one  participant shared that pain does not have to equal suffering. A solution does exist for every challenge. We only need to be open to it. And an open heart, a childlike trust, is a good way to allow the inner guidance that wants to help us.

💜How to Turn Problems Into Stepping Stones 1-4-24
Often a great outcome can happen from a simple change in attitude to allow our inner guidance to assist us and be creative.
You will hear these stories: Find a Penny, Stone Message, Dots!, Don’t Give Up, God at the Post Office, I Will Make You a Birthday Cake,  I’m Going to Meet Him!, My Car is Gone!, 1776, Chest Cold, Where is My Son?,  Zoom Fortune Cookies, And More!

💜 “Spiritual Coincidences” 12-7-23
What are “Spiritual Coincidences" or Synchronicities?
They are when uncanny things can carry a message from your inner guidance or spiritual guide.
On this replay you will hear stories: Bully Book, Thanksgiving Flip, The Loquat Tree, The Cat Message, The Uncanny CD, Lulu and Old Spice, Forgiving Wave, Chicago Miracle, Clean Out Your Car!, And More...

💜"Does Gratitude Really Work?" 11-2-23
Does an attitude of gratitude REALLY work? How can it connect us with more of our Inner Guidance?
You may hear an answer in these replay stories: Airline Mess Up, I’m Not the Same, We Both Lost Our Sons, Help From 30 Years Ago, Loving or Right?, Letter From a Slave, The Tooth Story, The Car Hood, Marriage Encounter, And More!

💜“Be Like Water.” 10-5-23
Flow around the obstacle, like a stream around rock. We become flexible & open to follow our inner guidance.
Stories: Semi Truck Escape, House Burned Down, Bruce Lee's Secret, The Forbidden Nail File, The Stingray Bite, Stand Your Ground, The Stuck Dog, Saving a Life, and More!

💜“Your Inner GPS!” 9-7-23  
You can ask your Inner Guidance for direction at each life turn, even if you use an outer one!  
You will hear stories: Transformation of a Loner, Surprised by a Coach, Diane’s Sporty Car, Lost in the Desert, Take the 163! and KFC Tears.

💜"What's Bugging You?" 8-3-23  
Whatever bothers, bugs, or irks you may be a message from your Inner Guidance about something that needs your attention, that can result in greater happiness.
You will hear stories The Painting Therapy, The Difficult Bush, Message From the Bear, The Painting Explosion, Ant Visitors, Fruit Fly Message, and The Gifts in the Legs.

💜"What  Does Inner Guidance Sound Like?" 7-6-23
How can we listen better o our Inner Guidance? This class was fun, and started with Humor!
You will hear: A Story to Lighten Up Healing, Silly Parenting, Subway Laughing, HUmor, Fight or Flight, The Talking Stick, How to Listen to a Painting, 6 Blocks to Listening, Play Your Way to Inner Guidance, and more!

💜 "Laugh Your Way to God!" 6-8-23
A sense of humor keeps us from taking like too seriously, and helps us relax and hear our Inner Guidance better! My brother, Dr. Lance Lippert, was our guest speaker.
You will hear: FedEx Heals Frozen Shoulder, I’m Getting Younger, Half-Baked, Snoopy Story, Internal Jogging, Laugh at Yourself, Subway Hilarity, and More!

💜"Body Language" 5-4-23 
What message is your body trying to give you about your Inner Guidance?
You will hear stories: Release With Fire, Dancing to Let Go, A Back Miracle, Grief Gone, The Rash, The Barefoot Story, and more!

💜"Letting Go" 4-6-23
Replace fears, limitations, and anything that doesn’t serve you, with what you want instead!
You will hear: Flapping Slippers, Surprise Job!, Flat on My Face, Wrong Question!, Getting My Pause Back, How God Got Me to Let Go, Enlarge My Heart, Better Than Expected, Shift!, Have Fun!,  How to Feel Safe, and More!

💜"The Still Lake: The Receptive Environment" 3-9-23
How can we best receive the messages from our higher being for a better life? Is it an open mind? A childlike trust? A listening ear?
You will hear: Self Care Story, Why This Grief?, The Cook Who Quit, The Grocery Store Mother, Thank You Sore Muscles, How to Climb the Emotional Scale, and More...

💜"The Message of Emotions" 2-2-23
Our feelings and needs have a message of Inner Guidance for us.
You will hear miraculous stories: Stuck in the Snow!, Mom's Miracle, Hugged by God, The Beverly Hills Doctor, I Was Scared But I Quit My Job, The Ear Pain Dream Healing, and More...

💜"Ignite the Magic" 1-5-23  
 The magic is to notice spiritual coincidences, leaps in consciousness, understanding a mystery, or timely gifts of help and love. is Navigating Major Life Changes with stories: I Need a Break! Lung Cancer Healing, You Have to Quit! The Storage Unit, You Can Go Now. is Ignite the Magic! with  stories: A Courtyard for Mom, Didn’t Need to Worry, One Millimeter! Sharleen’s Chance Meeting, EMF Question Answered, Susan’s Timing, New Year’s Eve Miracle

💜Navigating Major Life Changes 12-1-22
What Inner Guidance have you had around them?
This first link is “Have You Had a Sign". With cool stories: Shawn’s Waterfall, Susan’s Way, Is This a Sign?, and How to Sell a Car.
This second link is “Navigating Major Life Changes", with a story of My Mother’s Deathbed. (Susan says "We may want to be there for people when they leave, but they get exactly what they want….")

💜Have You Had a Sign? 11-3-22
Ask for a sign to know what to do about a pressing issue.  Then watch for something out of the ordinary.
This first link is about the "As If Technique". You will hear very cool stories: Shawn Becomes a CEO, A  Vision Board Comes True, and How Susan Came to Run a Clinic. We really are unlimited when we align with Spirit.
This second link is "Have You Had  a Sign?", with uncanny stories: You've Got This!, How She Knew She Was Pregnant, and Time to Move!

💜Amazing But True Stories of Inner Guidance" 10-6-22 is about a Dream Technique. You will hear very cool stories: Shawn's Dream Waterfall Message, Tina's Crystal Clear Business Revelation, I'm Underwater!, Dream Instructions for a Class, Eric Worre's Fitness, and Weekly Dream Visits. is about the "As If" technique, or the "Law of Assumption": Two true life and death stories! One was Anne Archer Butcher's incredible experience of suddenly being able to navigate an old rust bucket ship through a storm. (Yeah this is movie material!) The other is a man called the Great Imposter who impersonated a navy surgeon and had to actually perform surgeries! Which he did very well, without training, and was called the Miracle Doctor! How did they do it? And how can you?

💜How to Access Your Inner Guidance Through Dreams 9-1-22
Upon retiring, ask your Inner Guidance for help in a dream with a challenge you face. And ask to remember it.
You will hear stories: The Painful Shoulder, Inner Guidance Helped a Business, What Your Gut May Be Saying, Rachel Gets a Parenting Tip, and The Baby Who Stopped Crying. We discussed how feelings can tap you into your Inner Guidance.

💜What Can Your Inner Guidance Do For You? 8-4-22
It can assist you with health, relationships, finances, and spiritual issues.
This first link: We had an art show! Inner Guidance images to inspire visualization.
And stories: The Hawk, The Skin Rash, The Bosomy Grandmother, and Ellie Likes to Hit!
This second link: We discussed tips to increase and grow our Inner Guidance. Such as the remembering it is there, doing dishes or some routine task, the "as if" technique, paying attention to dreams, and letting feelings point to needs we may have.

💜How To Get Help From Your Inner Guidance 7-7-22
How do you know if it's your Inner Guidance, or something else, like your mind?
What happened when Judy asked God to show Himself to her, how she raised $10,000 for church windows, and how one man followed his middle-of-the-night inner guidance message to alter the course of a life and death situation.

💜How to Increase Your Inner Guidance 6-2-22
Just what IS Inner Guidance? How does it show up?
You'll hear the stories: A Near Miss Train Story, Prenatal Advice Experience, How I Healed My Dog, A Story About Timing, and More...