Monthly Team Coach Report

To track progress for yourself, and for your teammates to give to you.

Name __________________________

Month __________________________

Rank ___________________________

Number of Distributors ______________

Number of Lines ___________________

Number of Lines with Leaders _________

Number of Leaders on your team _______

Number of Distributors at last function _____

Number of Lines at last function _________

Average Volume __________

Personal Volume __________

Total Personal Volume ______

Number of New Presentations ______

Draw your organization on the back.

Rate yourself 1-10 on the 7 Skills:

___ Finding people to talk with

___ Inviting them to look at your business

___ Presenting, including telling your story

___ Followup, including handling objections

___ Signing them up

___ Training them for fast success

___ Getting people to events

Action steps for next month: