My Goals for My MLM Business

MLM Millionaire Club Goals Worksheet

When you can sit quietly and uninterrupted for 20 minutes or so, write what comes to mind:

What compelling future will I create for myself so that I have a reason to give it my all?


What mission absolutely inspires me?


What work do I love?


How will my business allow me to live my dreams?


If I could wave a realistic magic wand, where would I like my life and business to be in a year?


What would that feel like?


What would the best part about that be?


Why is that the best part?


List 3 or more parts to that goal. Let them be specific, measurable, flexible, and exciting.


List the doable action steps you need to get to your goals. You may want to decide:
* How many new people you will talk with daily this year.
* How many people you want to bring to this year’s company convention.
* The 3 simple things you do to move every prospect along, your DMO/ Daily Method of Operation. Such as: intro video, 3-way call, meeting.


Number them in order of priority.


Write the dates you’d like each to be done.


How will you know when you’ve achieved them? How will you know if they’re working?


What do you need to put them into action?


Get a support person to help you be accountable.

Call Bess (512) 569-1139 if you’d like help implementing your goals!

Club members love this an excellent mp3 workshop on: How to Get Your Deepest “Why“.