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BUILD!   “2 A DAY”  How to show your business to 2 people a day!

“Always Get a YES!” book by Bess McCarty & Jeff Gamble  – 30 minute read

Agent Profile  

10 Minute Presentations Video – Why and How, by Jeff Gamble

MLM Lead Program Video, by Jeff Gamble

MLM Lead Program pdf 

How to Invite – 20 minute video by Bess McCarty

For the personality types that like relationships and talking about feelings, here is an advanced method to Always Get a YES:

• How to get inside information about a person BEFORE you talk with them
• How to break the ice with a person you just met
• How to help a new person like and trust you
• How to bring up your business without feeling weird about it

Selling = Service: You serve by solving people’s problems.

Write down what problem your product, service, or business solves.
Listen to your prospect. Care; be interested.
Ask about their life until you hear a problem your business solves. Then:

1) EMPATHIZE to learn more and help them be aware of their need for a solution.
2) “That’s EXACTLY how I help people.” or tell a useful story.
3) “If I could show you how to (solve your problem) would you like to learn a little more?”
4) Invite them to a tool to learn more about network marketing (video, book, meeting,etc.)

Professor Frost Video – 7 minute tool to educate new prospects about what network marketing is

More video and resources about network marketing

Another tool for your funnel: Rise DVD:

Scripts for the “Rise of the Entrepreneur” movie:

My Goals for My Business (Worksheet)

How to Get Your Deepest “Why” –  – (mp3 Workshop)

Life Balance Assessment (Worksheet) ~ Is your life balanced in these 8 areas?

Memory Jogger

5 Keys to Closing a Sale Over the Phone

Ice-Breaker Scripts

How to Invite the 4 Personalities

4 DISC Personalities Chart

Followup Scripts

How to Get Referrals

Article to eliminate discouragement

How to Handle 19 Objections

My Favorite Closers

Checklist: Get Your New Recruit Started Right!

Monthly Team Coach Report

Scripts for Leads

Real Conversations 2 (Chart) ~ 4 Steps from Problem to Solution.

How to Clear the Top 10 Mental Blocks to Success (One-Minute Quiz)

How to Clear the Top 10 Mental Blocks to Sales (One-Minute Quiz)

Compassionate Communication ~ How to Communicate Effectively

How to Overcome the Fear of Speaking (Article)

A Study Guide for Eric Worre’s Go Pro book

A Study Guide for Eric Worre’s GoPro 8 CD Series

“How’s That Working?” by Robert Hollis on mindset

Duplication Wheel Chart

38 Reasons MLM is the Answer

How to Choose a Network Marketing Company

Time Tracking Sheet

Legal Tips for Testimonials

Body Mind Psychology – David

David Frey SEO blogging-system-cheatsheet ~ David Frey is at:

How to Invite (Bess McCarty)   (Video)

How to Do a 3-Way Call (Holton Buggs)  Video

Bill Clinton Recommends Network Marketing (Video)

Pyramid Scheme Cartoon (Video)

MLM’s: An Answer to This Economy

Four MLM Success Stories (Video)

Your Body Language in Business



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