How to Clear the Top 10 Mental Blocks to Sales

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Opportunities for sales are all around us. Why don’t we get more?
Which of these mental blocks do you have?

____1. We don’t know how to handle the objections.

____2. We think we aren’t good enough, for success, or to service them.

____3. We fear we’re intruding and will be unwelcome.

____4. We think they don’t need it or want it, or it’s not the right time.

____5. We’re afraid to talk about money.

____6. We think we don’t have time.

____7. We forget to ask for a sale, or are unaware of the opportunity in front of us.

____8. It’s too hard. We’re uncommitted, don’t believe it’s possible, or don’t want to work.

____9. We come on too strong.

____10. We fear rejection and hearing “No”.

If you checked even one of these, ask yourself, “What does this block cost me in my life?”

How much money would you have made by now in your network marketing business without these blocks? $5,000? $500,000? $5,000,000? How much more will they cost you in 5 years? 25 years?

Besides money, the cost for many has also been peace of mind, joy, sleep, health, relationships, and what they could have given their family.

Can the Shrink of MLM help you?

Psychology for Business: 80% of success has been traced to psychology. 
“The most important ingredient to your success is the Real Conversations you have with yourself!” ~ Bess McCarty

So you can burst ahead to your success!

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