Script for Leads

When speaking with them live:

“Hi (name), you responded to an ad (last night) about starting a business from home. Are you in (Denver)?

What are you specifically looking for? What drew you to respond to the ad? Are you looking for part-time income, full-time, or even to exceed your current income? (Listen and reflect back what you hear IN THEIR WORDS. Make accurate notes to use later. If you hear a problem they are trying to solve, give empathy to show understanding and to deepen their desire for your solution.) That’s exactly what I help people do! I’d like to help you (reach their goal in their own words).

I’m specifically looking for someone who wants to start a business, vs. a job. I’m looking for a (health and wellness coach), someone who is serious about creating income from the comfort of their home. Who’s (health-conscious, image-conscious) and wants to create anywhere from $1,000 or more part-time from their home. They can be flexible hours, and can be all done over the phone. It can also be done using social media sites.

What do you do for a living right now (name)? What kind of income are you accustomed to achieving in your job right now? So are you an industrious (man) who is really serious about taking your game to the next level?  If you have the right mentor, and understand how to leverage? How old are you (name)? How serious are you about starting a business? If you found the ideal business model, would you be able to start relatively soon? Would you be serious enough to find start-up capital of $600 if it was the ideal business for you? OK cool, you sound like a smart (young man).

OK here’s what I can do for you to start: If I gave you a link to a 13 minute video would you watch it?

When do you think you’ll have watched it for sure?

So if I call you (Tuesday) you’ll have watched it for sure?

What is the best time and number to call you (Tuesday)? (Remember time zone differences.)

OK, I’ll call you (Tuesday at 10 am at this number.)

Great connecting with you (name)!  You sound like a sharp (young man).”


Follow up and close with Eric Worre’s scripts in his Go Pro book.

These are combined ideas from Jeffery Combs, Eric Worre, Tim Sales, and Bess McCarty.

90+% of your calls may go to voicemail. Always leave a message, or they may see your number calling repeatedly and avoid you.  Leaving a compelling voicemail might not get you a call back today, but it can help you get a call back when the prospect is in high problem solving / buying mode. Even though it may be a small percentage, the ones who DO call back the same day are the ones you want to be talking with anyway.

When leaving a voicemail or text:

“Hi Nancy, Bess McCarty here. I understand you’d like to make money from home? I have helped dozens of people just like you  make more money from home, part-time, than they do at their full-time jobs! I have some specific ideas that might be a perfect fit for you, Nancy, that we can go over briefly. Call me at 8-7-7-9-7-7-8-0-8-0. Again, that is 8-7-7-9-77-80-80. This is Bess McCarty.”

Leave a voicemail from the number you want to be reached at.

Start with normal speed and tone, then slow down as you speak and lower your voice. It conveys importance.

Calls later in the day get best call backs.

A message should be 20-30 seconds. You have 10 seconds to get their interest and not be deleted.

After each voicemail, evaluate your performance. Most voicemail systems provide the option of listening to the voicemail you just left. Listen to the tone: Are you enthusiastic and positive? Would you return that call? If you want your prospects to be excited to get back to you, you better sound exciting. And you’re not bothering them; you’re offering to help them.

If they don’t call back, “Hi Nancy, this is Bess McCarty. Would you like to be one of the people I’ve helped make more money from home, part-time, than they do at their full-time jobs? I have some specific ideas that might be a perfect fit for you, Nancy. Let’s go over them when you have a few minutes. Call me at 8-7-7-9-7-7-8-0-8-0. Again, that is 8-7-7-9-77-80-80. I think you’ll be glad you did! If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll keep calling. So you can make the money you want to, from home.”

If you use different words, you want to aim for getting a response of “How do you do that?” so they will call you.

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