Scripts for “Rise of the Entrepreneur” Film

Great results using Rise of the Entrepreneur documentary as a first tool in your funnel!

1461105_10152497043053309_6831311035145041219_nBuy the DVD here: to send or loan them the DVD. Get online links to send people here:

What a great opener for anyone! A natural bridge to your business! ~ It ALSO makes the prospect immune to MLM stigma, both their own and others. Without this immunity, you may lose them somewhere in the funnel, when they talk to a naysayer, and you may not know why. This is another reason to use it first.

Here are some invites I use by phone or text:

“I just saw this great documentary on the economy today. I think you’d love it (or will want to see it). If I rented it for you, would you watch it? ~ When do you think you’ll have watched it for sure? I can’t wait to hear what you think about it. The rental is good for 3 days. ~ So if I called you ____ you’ll have watched it for sure? ~ When is a good time for me to call you? ~ And would you do me a favor, would you confirm as soon as you got it, so I know it reached you?”

“I have an excellent documentary: Rise of the Entrepreneur. It’s a 50 minute film. I thought of you, given your business expertise, because world class economists describe the shape of the economy today, what’s coming, and the best business to be in. I’d value your opinion. If I sent you a link, would you watch it?”

“I just saw an amazing documentary! I think everyone should know what it says about our current economy, especially business-people.” 10563015_10204351174077270_3703786598784721787_n

“If you were thinking of starting a business, would it be worth to you to watch a 50 minute documentary about this business?”

“If there was some pretty good money on the table for you in starting a business, would it be worth to you to conduct some research/watch a 50 minute documentary about this business before you make any decisions?”

Cathy Fraser’s post on Facebook got 9 takers eager to see it: “Rise of The Entrepreneur – The Search for A Better Way, a 52-minute Documentary Film has been released. Ask me if you would like to view this outstanding reality check about business and entrepreneurship!  See the Trailer:

What to say afterward: Eric Worre recommends:

“What did you like best? ~ Are you open to becoming an entrepreneur? ~ If you’re looking at becoming an entrepreneur, is network marketing an option for you? Is it one of the things you might consider? ~ Are you open to looking at it? ~ If you are open to network marketing, and want to explore it, I have something that might interest you.” ~ Then send them your company’s first link: “If I ____ , would you____?” etc.

Script for a networking group: (Hold up the Rise DVD) “I’m sharing this new 50 minute documentary by world-class experts, like economists Harry Dent, who predict what’s going to happen next in our economy, how to prepare for it as entrepreneurs, and what they believe the best business is. If you’d like to see it, write ‘Rise’ on your business card, make sure your email is on it, and hand it to me. I’ll send you the movie.”

Later call the ones who didn’t give you a card. Tell what others are saying about it. “It’s getting around the group.” They may want to be included. Your goal is to allow all to see it so they can discuss it.

Here are 5 cool ways people are signing up prospects using the movie:

1) “Last night we hosted a FREE Public Premiere viewing for the documentary. We had a good turnout of curious people that included local business owners as well as network marketers.  I told my story that also included my personal experience having been at the Premiere Launch in Las Vegas. I played the DVD video, and at the end made the DVD’s available for purchase. I invited people to stay and chat, or leave their information to set-up a personal appointment. Today I contacted everyone who attended, to thank them for coming and asked for their feedback. I am still sorting through the numbers. There was no bait-and-switch or discussion of my company, however, I have booked two BRAND NEW appointments today for this week. I also ended the presentation with a gift for everyone to help them understand exactly how we go about creating an income in this profession. That gift was ‘Making My First Ten Million’ by Brian Carruthers. We already have more premieres planned this month and into January, as well as DVD’s being shipped tomorrow across Canada. THANK YOU Eric Worre and the Network Marketing Pro Team!” ~ Doug Collins

2) “I run a consulting company so I basically have a training room in my office. So I’ve basically been using the text message format to set up catch up meetings with old friends and colleagues. We spend like 15minutes catching up then I ask then to review this movie with me. The results has been outstanding. I’m literally signing up new partners 2-4 times a week. My team members and the new sign ups are also doing the same thing. My office is basically buzzing everyday of the week. People catching up and watching the movie. The movie shows at my office 10am 12noon and 2pm everyday including Sundays. Thanks Eric for the movie” ~ Ezekiel Soles

3) “We already have stories of people enrolling just because of the film… people that would not enroll previously. The corporate staff LOVES it, and the field is using it as a second look and beyond. We have done webinars, live showings to groups and lots of 1 on 1’s. I just sent 200 copies out with a custom greeting card to 200 friends inviting them to Just Take a Look. Epic tool” ~ Richard Brooke

4) “I have scheduled a workshop at our local university to speak to the students. It will be called, ‘Pay Off Your Student Loan Before You Graduate’. I will start the 2 hour workshop with the RISE movie, then tell how students at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas are making up to $10,000 a month part-time in network marketing while they go to school. Although I’m not in a company, anyone could do this and invite those who want more info to meet afterward. I think it will change lives!” ~ Bess McCarty

5) Letter of Invite to view the film: 

“As one of the very select entrepreneurial movers and shakers in the community, we would like to invite you for the first viewing in Buena Vista of newly released documentary called The Rise of The Entrepreneur.

This is a compilation of interviews about business, the economy and entrepreneurship that we believe is essential as a business owner and as a mentor to other business owners.

World class economists and business experts predicting what is going to happen next in our economy
* How to prepare for it as entrepreneurs
* Why they believe having your own business is crucial to survive it
* What they believe is the best business model

Following the documentary will be an open forum discussion and brainstorming about the documentary.
Wine will be served compliments of Vino Salida and cheese & crackers provided by Jumpin Good Goat Dairy. Please RSVP for this exclusive event TODAY.”

(Following the film could be a discussion where you ask a few interesting questions, such as, “What do you think?” (Discussion) “Do you agree that NM is the best business model?” (Discussion) “Do you know a better one?” (Let THEM do the talking!)

Use the two Rise graphics on this page for social media.

Use the trailer in emails and posts: 

“This documentary has helped me close multiple presentations…it just puts things better than I ever could…love it!” ~ Jason Munckton

I agree! I’ve already opened up a few friends who refused taking a look countless times. Valuable tool indeed.” ~ Matthew Hunter Rose

“This tool makes it so easy to lead into your business, it’s almost like cheating!” ~ Cathy Fraser

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