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This week’s Lesson: Ignite Your Downline!

One of network marketers biggest business challenges is inactive downline. I’m always asked, “How do you motivate them?”

You may have a large group, but many are not active. What can you do?

First of all, be active yourself! Have you ever seen a network marketer who wants their group to do what they won’t? Is that a leader you’d like to follow?

You are a role model. Whatever you model is contagious! Your enthusiasm, the fun you have, the stories you tell, the cool things you learn, will attract your group to the same.

The more you are in touch with your Dream, your Joy, your Why, the more you live it, the more your team is inspired. You are a leader, training them to be leaders.

Second, help them to awaken their Dream.

I laid outside in the sun today, under a tree. I saw it’s strong branches reach for the sky, against gravity they stretched upward, because that is the nature of life. It has a forward momentum for growth. Time moves, seasons keep happening, and plants and people keep growing.

Like the branches, each of your team has their own innate stretching reach, for meaning, purpose, passion, calling to them to be alive, to sing the vibrancy all their own.

Sadly, our society is more known for teaching children to conform than to follow their heart. So their Dream is lost, although a few hardy ones survive, and these are the 5% who create their lives, vs. follow others.

So most people aren’t trained in how to think like an entrepreneur or network marketer, working for themselves, determining their own goals and strategies, and most of all, knowing their Dream.

I believe that this economy is forcing some to step out of the “work-for-someone” mentality and re-invent themselves. Network marketing may be one of the few ways they can work, since layoffs are eminent and starting one’s own business from scratch may be costly in time and money.

You can help. Just realize the challenge before them. Be patient. Only work with the sincere ones who really want help, who are coach-able. Be coach-able too, learn from them what they need.

One way to begin is to ask your downline if they want your help. Do they want to be coached?

When you have their permission to coach them, ask them these questions to ignite them:

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