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Here are your recordings of past classes that you missed or want to hear again. Each contains invaluable tips for your success. You must log in as a member of the MLM Millionaire Club or Join the Club to hear these recordings.



1. Start Right –
2. Be Here a Year From Now –
3. Professional Development –
4. Market Daily –
5. Present Daily –

Recap Q & A –

6. Weekly Open House –
7. Weekly Team Core Training –
8. Monthly Team Event –
9. Company Conventions –
10. MAP Monthly Action Plan –

Recap Q & A –



The MLM Millionaire Mindset

MLM Millionaire Practice

Master Fear & Disappointment

Master Fear of Success & MLM Stigma

Your New Year Gameplan

Your Daily Method of Operation

Goal Setting

Behave Like a Top-Earner

Clear the Top Blocks to 10 Success-WAW Workshop

How to Clear the Top 10 Mental Blocks

Top 10 Blocks to Sales


Make a Breakthrough

Business Breakthrough Challenge

How to Find Time

Time & Task Managment

How to Outsource

Got Problems?

Caring for Yourself

Know Your Needs

Freedom From Fear

Clear Your Fear to Make More Money Selling

Solutions to Meet Needs

Solutions to Meet Needs, Part 2

Body Reading – Body Mind Psychology

Compassionate Communication

5 Things You Need to Succeed – YLC

Life Success- YLC

How to be Profitable in MLM – YLC

Put the Action Back in the Law of Attraction


Where Do I Find People? What Do I Say?

Where Do I Find People? What Do I Say? Role Play

Your Prospect Funnel

A Prospecting Shortcut

Practice Inviting Prospects, Eric Worre Style

Followup, Eric Worre Style

Get Good at Inviting

Where to Find People

Practice Inviting

The Power of Stories

How to Handle Objections

Turn Sales Objections Into Gold

Fastest Way to Your Ideal Customer

Be Effective With Customers

Meeting Customers Needs

Practice Recruiting Scripts

4 Personality Types

How to Invite the 4 Personality Types

How to Get to Your Prospect’s Why

Followup Properly

Invite People on LinkedIn, Jim Tanner


How To Duplicate the Club Funnel

How to Help Them Get Their Biggest “WHY”

How to Produce Top-Earners, Part 1/Start Them Right

How to Produce Top-Earners, Part 2/Coach Your Team: Ask the Right Questions

How to Coach

How to Coach Your Downline

Helle’s Story

Jen Preview Call