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Google Plus Hangout on Air, sponsored by Bess McCarty and the MLM Millionaire Club.

This Tuesday, November 6, at 4pm Eastern Time. Here is a Time Zone Converter.

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This is a special event for Network Marketers. We will cover these 3 kinds of stories, and how to TELL them!

1) Stories about Your Products
2) Stories about Your Business
3) Stories to Train Your Team

There are two ways you can attend:

First Way: Google Plus Hangout Live Group Video Chat: (limit is 10 people)
1) Get a Google Plus account if you haven’t already. It’s free and takes 5 minutes!
2) Search for “Bess McCarty” on there. Circle (follow) me.
3) Message me that you want to be in my MLM Circle. (by invite only)
4) Setup your webcam or use your laptop camera. Try it out!
5) To join Tuesday, just log in to your Google Plus account. “Search” for Bess McCarty. On my page, you’ll see a blue Hangout sign. Click it. You’re in! If it’s full, click the link I provide there See Stories Video to see it streamed live via YouTube on the Club site, like TV!

Second Way: YouTube. Skip the above and just click on See Stories Video at the event time to see it streamed live on the Club site. You can still Instant Message chat with us via YouTube.

It’s very worthwhile to get familiar with Google Plus Hangouts: You can use them free to train your team all over the country or world. I think you’ll LOVE them! If you have any questions on it, please email me at

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