Tell Stories That Sell For You! Video

Welcome! Here is a YouTube video of the Google Plus Hangout on Air: “Tell Stories That Sell For You!”, sponsored by Bess McCarty and the MLM Millionaire Club.

Class Agenda: 1) Why Stories Work; 2) The 3 Kinds of Stories; 3) How to Get Good Stories; 4) How to Tell Good Stories

Learn this very powerful secret: The power of stories.

“Amateurs give facts. Professionals tell stories.”
~ Eric Worre, MLM Millionaire with 24 years of experience at Network Marketing Pro. “Just learn to tell stories. You don’t need to learn anything else!”

Hangout on Air is a live group video chat. Comment on this class by clicking on the YouTube icon on the screen lower right. This takes you to the YouTube site, where underneath, you can leave a comment.

I hope you enjoy and build big your Network Marketing business!
~ Bess McCarty and the MLM Millionaire Club