Where Do I Find People? And What Do I Say?

Hi, this is Bess McCarty, coach for network marketers!

Your sponsor has arranged for you a special workshop to answer your toughest questions:
1) Where do I find people to talk to?
2) What do I say?

If your knees shake and your tongue gets twisted when you try to tell someone about your business, catch this FREE Workshop!

You’ll learn:

* You are surrounded by people who need you.

* 3 simple words to easily start a business conversation anywhere with anyone

* A followup phrase that literally eliminates rejection

* A simple trick to find the best distributors best distributors fastest and easiest, so you know where to spend your time that makes you the most money!

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This is also the simplest way I’ve ever seen to duplicate, and solve the problem of not enough time.

This is ALL in your upcoming workshop, which can save you 6-12 months of experimenting, and the thousands of dollars you could have made in that time, and the all the work that didn’t make you money!

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I’ve spent years trying and studying the best, and distilled it for you.

If you’ve had enough alarm clock stress, or you miss your kids, or you worry about retirement, CATCH THIS WORKSHOP! Your sponsor will give you the date and time.

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MLM Millionaire Club member

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“Looking forward in helping us newbies in this industry. More power to you!” ~ Jerico Dacumos