Win Tickets to Go Pro Recruiting Mastery in Vegas!

I’m giving away 3 Tickets!  To the biggest generic event in Network Marketing history!
Eric Worre’s Go Pro Recruiting Mastery, December 5-8 in Las Vegas.

5,000 of the world’s best Network Marketers are attending. It’s a place to make a breakthrough and bring your team! Network Marketers make an average of $1,000 per person they bring to a destination event like this!

This event sold out at $297 a ticket to ATTEND LIVE. You cannot buy them anymore.


I’m giving away 3 LIVE Tickets ($297 value) to the first 3 people to each bring 5 people to the MLM Millionaire Club  in October! The tickets will be awarded when those 5 people reach their second month in the Club (as their first month is free). Just call me the names of your people, (512) 569-1139, and I’ll send you the tickets. They can also be used to attend virtually!

If you are not yet a member, you can include yourself. Win all three tickets! Give them to your team, or use them as contest prizes and incentives. Or invite your team over to view the live virtual 20 hour training (plus 2 week replay) with you!

If you are not among the first 3, but you bring 5 members to the Club in October, you will win a private coaching session with me ($1,000 value) when they reach their second month. You cannot lose!

What do you get in the MLM Millionaire Club, School for Network Marketers?

* Weekly Business Lessons – powerful MLM training, including mastering Eric’s new book
* Live Group Coaching Calls – where we practice skills and solve blocks
* Training Library – tools, audios, and videos
* Buddy System – to help you be accountable!
* Affiliate Program – you receive an ongoing residual income when you refer your downline to the Club!
* MLM Millionaire Club Inner Circle Mastermind group – you can join when you use the tools in the Club!
* Comprehensive Curriculum –  all the necessary fundamentals for your network marketing success!
* FREE Workshops with Bess for your team! (value: $550)
* Members Directory

 The value? $300 a month! ~ The cost of membership? Only $25 a month!

If you’ve ever thought about joining the MLM Millionaire Club, this is the perfect time!
Shorten your learning curve in MLM by years!

“This is by FAR the best and most affordable membership training site for network marketers!” ~ Deena Cannistraci,  Club Member

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YOU also receive money as an Affiliate! Become an affiliate in 5 minutes NOW  Then YOU  get $4 every month for each of your referrals, and THEY get a $2 discount each month off their $25 membership!

Everyone wins! You get tickets, your team gets $300 of coaching for $23, and you get an affiliate income.

Send them this email to invite them to the Club

Remember, this contest ends November 1.  But I expect to give away these tickets soon!
There is a $67 materials fee needed to attend live. The ticket(s) may also be used to hear the event live streamed in your home, instead of attending (no materials fee needed).

You can do it!!

Dedicated to Your Success,