EXCEL Social Media Post

Here is a Social Media post you can use to invite people to EXCEL!

(Use photo above.)

💥 Who would like to be my guest Sunday evening for EXCEL? Just leave your name below or private message me. EXCEL more info link is below!

💥EXCEL Mastermind Group: A Freedom Movement. An Acceleration Group for Committed Network Marketers

Purpose: Help the World Understand Network Marketing

Vision: To Give People Options to Create Success

Mission: By Presenting to 2 New People a Day

💥Free the Spirit! Educate, Inspire, Lift each other Continually to the Next Level. Weekly Support through the Year. Mindset, Skills, Leadership. To get free of the downward pull and Duplicate that. Here is Vision, Growth, Freedom, Truth, Choice, Love, Life, and Unfoldment. For those finally ready to Commit, be Accountable, Break Through, and Get Results.

💥More info is in the link below. 

 #MLM #NetworkMarketing #Mission #Purpose #freedom #Freedomfighters

(https://www.bessmccarty.com/excel/ is the link to post in comments for more info.  This increases Facebook exposure, rather than putting it in the post main body. When you send them the Zoom Meeting link, please let them know it is for them alone, or a trusted interested friend, and not to publicize it.)