Master “Always Get a YES!” – 4 Sessions

You’ve got the book.

Now you need the practice.

To get good.

To Always Get a YES!

How will that change your business? Yep, that’s RIGHT! 🙂

Practice is not sexy.  It’s work!

But it IS FUN!  And it pays very well!  $$$$$$

Get 4 more Practice $e$$ions with Bess for $40, to use any Sunday.

Comes with Network Marketing Advocate certificate!

See you at Practice!! ~ Practice = $$$!!!!

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~ Bess

“If you haven’t been on the YES call in awhile, you’re really missing out. Bess demonstrated, with plenty of empathy and a couple of stories, how to get someone dead set against taking a look at our products to do so AND, possibly, the business…. Someone who said she’d already tried a number of products that were suppose to work and didn’t and felt one more would have the same results. This person also said that she had no money to try the money back guarantee. Still, Bess connected with this individual and steered her to want to get in the game. It was seamless and I’m excited!” ~ Zenobia Bailey