Real Conversations Class Confirm

Welcome! Congratulations on joining our Real Conversations Class!

So you can learn life-long skills to break through any problem you face.

Please call Bess McCarty to confirm dates. (512) 569-1139

Dial in number for class:
(605) 313- 5111 , and when it asks for the code, 634501#
International dial-in numbers:
Help getting on? 24/7 FCC customer service please call 844-844-1322.

This class is always confidential, and it you like to be anonymous, you can make up a name to use on the calls.

The class goes for about 90 minutes. For privacy, it is not recorded.

First is a Lesson on the Real Conversations self-help method.

Second is live processes. Bring an issue to be coached on with Bess, or just listen and learn from others. You will see at least some of yourself in every person who gets coached. Bess uses a combination of coaching (helping you find your own answers) and counseling (providing info when needed).

Third is a mastermind feedback on the processes from the whole group.


Here is your own personal Real Conversations Lesson:

It can help you get even more from the classes, and teach you how to use it between classes.

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To Your Best Life,