December 18



By Bess McCarty

December 18, 2020

”ASK BESS!” Today: A discouraged Network Marketer and a marriage question.

What is the “ASK BESS” video “column”? People private message me questions and topics, or on the Show. The questions can be about network marketing, other careers, jobs, relationships, parenting, health, weight loss, spiritual fulfillment, or any issues that you are having trouble with. I am called the “Shrink of MLM”

I respond to these questions, and teach my trademarked simple 4 step self-help, problem-solving method, on my “ASK BESS” Facebook Lives every Saturday and Sunday at Noon ET!

My message:
You matter.
I hear you.
I’ll respond to you.
There’s a solution to every problem.
It may be closer than you think.
You are BIGGER than any problem facing you.
You can become a master problem-solver.
You are not alone.

Bess McCarty

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